NETGEAR Insight Pro header image

Whether you’re pre-set up with NETGEAR products, looking to replace your IT equipment with something new, or are starting from scratch and looking for the perfect product, NETGEAR has the solution for you.

Not only do they have a wide range of innovative, reliable products, you can now also remotely manage these products from anywhere in the world.

With Insight Pro you can fully integrate any NETGEAR cloud managed device to help your business run more efficiently.

Introducing NETGEAR Insight Pro

Network Management Features

  • Multi-Tenancy, Multi-locations account
  • Multi-Role: Admin, IT manager, owner
  • Flexible methods for device setup
  • Automatic weekly/monthly reports
  • Real time email – app notifications
  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Firmware scheduler, PoE scheduling
  • Remote Troubleshooting
  • Per device subscription bundles
Icon Multi-tenancy Multi-Tenancy & Multi-Location
• One Insight Pro account can centrally manage from a single view
• Roles & responsibilites definition
Icon WiFi Roaming WiFi Roaming & Capabilities
• Fast roaming & security
• Captive portal
• Instant WiFi with Auto RRM
Icon Automated Deployment Automated Deployment & Updates
• Firmware updates scheduling
• PoE scheduling
• Automated & custom reports
Icon Easy Configuration Easy Configuration & Management
• VLANs, LAGs, PoE
• WiFi configuration
• Network-level config copy & clone
Icon Remote Provisioning Remote Provisioning
• Centralized device configuration
• PoE & port configuration
• Device config backup & restore
Icon Advanced Security Advanced Security
• Two-factor authentication
• Cloud security

The Multi-Tenant Model
Built with scalability and growth in mind, you can easily set up a network and give different users different rights to reflect their role.

Compared to competitors solutions, Insight Pro offers:
• Multi-tenancy
• Multi-Users roles & access
• Centralised updates & dashboard
• Operation efficiencies
• Cost economy