Prism PI Data Cabinets

Prism PI Data Cabinet range has proved itself to be a hugely popular, consistently selling enclosure that meets the all-round standard requirements of data installation. They have been designed to enable ease of assembly and access, safety and security in use, and durability. The durability of these cabinets makes them the best value-for-money data enclosures on the market today!

Available in heights 12u, 18u, 27u, 39u, 42u and 47u. Available in Black or Grey.

The 18U 600mm Wide x 600mm Deep PI Data enclosure/cabinet has been designed to ensure maximum rigidity and weight loading without compromising the versatility of the solution. It can be easily modified, built, and de-assembled where restrictions in space are in force.

The PI range is a cost-effective solution suitable for any office or data centre environment, supplied with adjustable 19-inch mounting angles, transportation castors, and a configurable top panel system to incorporate fan and brush entry solutions and also provides an open base design to promote trouble-free installation.

Typical Applications

  • Networking / Cabling / Broadcast
  • 19 inch Electronic Equipment Housing
  • Communication Systems
  • IT Systems


  • 18U 600x600mm (height 990mm)
  • Weight – 50kg
  • Enclosed glass front door with slam latch lock
  • Lockable/Removable Glass Front Door
  • Lockable/Removable Steel Side and Rear Panels
  • Raised top cover with cable entry
  • Transport castors
  • Open base design
  • Vertical cable management (800mm wide only)
  • Fully adjustable 19″ mounting profiles
  • Earth bonding kit
  • Full range of complenting accessories
  • Supplied assembled or in a flat pack option


  • Multiple door configurations available
  • Configurable roof options to cater for overhead caable installations
  • Full range of airflow management accessories

Security Options

  • Lever latch 3 point locking system
  • Individual and uniqu key variants
  • Combination locking solutions
  • Network controlled and proximity electronic locking systems

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Prism PI Data Cabinets

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Prism PI Data Cabinets

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