For most businesses today, technology is an integral part in their functioning. With work and business information being exchanged instantly online, connectivity between devices and a stable internet connection are extremely important.

What is a network switch?

A network switch is a device that sends data and information directly to connected devices via Ethernet cables. By doing so, a switch improves the bandwidth and performance, taking some pressure off the hosting computer and minimising collision issues. Overall, network switches facilitate faster, uninterrupted work for businesses.

Why do you need a switch?

While a router can connect devices and send data across networks, it has limitations. For small-scale setups like home offices, a router alone suffices. However, large businesses, or businesses that have a lot of data to share, require both a router and a network switch to deal with the number of devices that need connectivity and need to share information.

Our Top 5 DrayTek picks

DrayTek’s Vigor Switches are designed to be the workhorses behind your network connectivity, allowing you to take full advantage of their high specifications to manage a heavy load.

VSP250XS-K 54-port PoE+ Gigabit L2+ Managed Switch

  • Enterprise-level feature to improve network stability and security for businesses
  • 48 power over ethernet (PoE), RJ-45 LAN ports and 6 10-Gigabit ethernet SFP+ ports
  • Central or Stand-Alone management
  • High speed 10 gigabit SFP+ uplinks
  • Security features – 802.1X port authentication, DHCP Snooping, IP source guard and access control lists.
  • IP camera management
  • 400W Power over ethernet power budget


VSP2540X-K 48-port PoE Gigabit Switch

  • High speed 10 gigabit SFP+ Uplinks – 6 SFP+ ports allow your network to utilise 10Gbps ports to link switches, servers, and networked storage with more bandwidth.
  • Central or Stand-Alone management.
  • Hardware monitoring – monitors and controls switches temperature and operating voltages.
  • IP camera management


VSP1282-K 24 Gigabit PoE+ & 4 SFP Ports Smart Managed Switch

  • Central or Stand-Alone management.
  • Smart PoE – power to each 24 LAN ports. PoE scheduling, priority & device check features.
  • Automatic VLAN assignment – video, surveillance, MAC VLANS dynamically assign VLANS to IP phones IP cameras and more.
  • IP camera management
  • Security features – IP conflict prevention, DoS defence, access control lists IPV4 IPv6, Mac IP source guard.
  • 4 SFP ports uplinks – protect against unauthorised access.


VSG2282X-K VigorSwitch L2+ Managed 10G Switch

  • 24x gigabit lan ports and 4x SFP+ 10GBps fiber link for uplink and downlink
  • Fixed AC power input
  • DC power input to ensure uninterrupted operation.
  • Advanced layer 3 features including DHCP server and VLAN routing.


VigorSwitch G1080 Gigabit Ethernet Switch 8 Gigabit Ports

  • Suited to a small to Medium businesses for simple management.
  • Low cost – G1080 ultra-low power device consuming under 1A even when fully loaded.
  • Can be powered by USB if you have limited sockets.
  • G1080 can operate in Stand-Alone mode and be managed through web interface or remotely.


Overall, a network switch is a great way to combat the demands of connectivity in small, medium, and large businesses. To find out more, visit our website Comms Express.