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When you’re running a business, you need to be able to rely on your systems to work properly. If anything were to happen to these devices, it can cause a lot of problems for your employees, customers, and yourself. This can be particularly problematic if your entire system faces downtime, resulting in a very expensive issue. But what if you could predict these outages?

With Eaton’s Remote Monitoring Server, also known as PredictPulse, you can use predictive analytics to prepare for an outage by mitigate the issue or even prevent it entirely. Through monitoring, managing, and controlling your UPS remotey, you can ensure the system uptime and data integreity.

Key Benefits

  • Constant monitoring of your UPS by Eaton experts
  • Alerts sent to you when an issue arrives
  • Quick repairs 24/7 to reduce equipment downtime
  • Real-time health reports on health trends, alarms and outages prevented
  • Monthly reports to summarize health trends, alarms and predictive alarms to identify component risks
  • Cloud-based implementation so no software needed


Key Product Features

Icon 24/7 monitoring
24/7 monitoring

Our experts remotely monitor your IT infrastructure power quality equipment around the clock and dispatch field service technicians when needed.

Icon Predictive analytics
Predictive analytics

Know about a future power component failure before it happens so you can mitigate downtime.

Icon Expedited repairs
Expedited repairs

Expedited response and repair from Eaton UPS field technicians 24/7; remote diagnostics enables them to have the correct parts when they arrive.

Icon Real-time data
Real-time data

Access real-time health trends, alarms and outages prevented from your desktop or our mobile app.

Icon Intuitive monthly reports
Intuitive monthly reports

Easy, at-a-glance reports identify longer-term component risks for batteries, capacitors, fans, air filters and power train.

Icon Wireless security & convenience
Wireless security & convenience

LTE-wireless connectivity isolates and encrypts data to increase security, avoids internal network hassles and provides easy enrollment and activation.

Icon Cloud-based implementation
Cloud-based implementation

Eliminates the need to install or configure software.

Icon Robust cybersecurity
Robust cybersecurity

UPS data is outbound only, which prevents anyone from being able to remotely control your equipment.

Icon Customized alerts
Customized alerts

Receive real-time alerts via a text message, email or phone call when issues arise; you decide when and how you’re notified.


Customized Alerts & Reports

Device detail screen
This gives you at-a-glance health details, load trends, recent alarms and predictive component alerts.
Eaton Device detail screen image

Mobile app
Access real-time health and alarm data from anywhere.
Eaton Mobile app image

Monthly battery degradation notice
Keep on top of your battery replacents by getting told which batteries need to be changed and when they need to be replaced by.
Eaton Monthly battery degradation notice image

Advantages of Wireless

  • Isolating your data from yor internal network improves your cybersecurity
  • Everything is encrypted to increase end-to-end security
  • UPS data is outbound only which prevents it being accessed remotely
  • Eliminates the need to configure an AMTP mail server

Avoid distaster with PredictPulse

  • Employ automatic corrective actions to reduce the risk of downtime
  • Increase your timetime via software and save upfront on batteries through limiting the hardware to be deployed
  • Sync primary and disaster sites prior to power failures to reduce the cost of data recovery
  • Limit the server power consumption too keep critical workloads running for longer
  • Eliminate the need for agents and save time through remotely shutting down servers
  • Suspend non-critical virtual machines to increase system uptime, extend battery runtime and minimize generator load

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