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Make IT deployments simpler, faster, and more predictable.

Don’t overcomplicate your IT deployments. With Schneider Electric’s APC EcoStruxure Row Data Center deploying IT can be fast and simple. The EcoStruxure Row Data Center puts all the building blocks for your physical infrastructure into the rack instead of needing to build out the entire room. Having power, cooling, security, and management software all in the rack means less construction, more scalability, and additional flexibility.

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Ensure simplicity, speed, and predictability in all phases of your project:

  • Design: Quickly and easily create designs with the Schneider Electric design tool that are orderable as a single solution.
  • Build: All solutions arrive complete and ready to assemble quickly and easily.
  • Operate: Designed for easy operation and quick maintenance, the EcoStruxure software provides visibility, insights, support, and 24/7 expert remote monitoring.


The evolving hybrid IT world

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Deployment IT at the Edge?
Simplify how you build and manage your deployments through your network.

Deploying converged IT?
Row data centers allow deployment at speeds in line with Converged IT.

Starting a new or retrofit project?
This flexible solution is adaptable and simplifies the planning, design, and deployment of your IT.

Outsourcing or consolidating?
Use the EcoStruxure IT software suite to easily monitor, manage, protect, and secure your assets remotely.

Modernizing your existing IT deployments?
Minimize the cost and complexity when modernizing your infrastructure with the modular nature of Row Data Centers.

Expanding Capacity?
Pre-engineered, modular Row Data Center components allow you to scale up quickly and easily.

EcoStruxure building blocks

The components that make up the EcoStruxure Row Data Center are configured into a complete solution.
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Rack Systems

To simplify shipping, speed up installation time, maximize airflow, and facilitate the installation of IT, APC rack systems integrate seamlessly with Row Data Center components.

APC NetShelter SX Rack Enclosures

World’s most versatile rack enclosure.

The NetShelter SX range offers the most standard features on the market today. Guided by 10 years of customer feedback, Schneider Electric designed this range to handle the power-hungry, high-density server and network applications that are common today.

Features Options
1. Cable access roof 1. Height ranges: 42U – 52U
2. Integrated baying brackets 2. Width ranges: 600mm, 750mm, 800mm
3. Preinstalled leveling feet & castors 3. Depth ranges: 1070mm, 1200mm
4. Toolless, Zero-U accessory channel 4. Colour options: Black, White, Grey
5. Easily adjustable vertical mounting rails
6. Half-height side panel

NetShelter Containment
Increase the cooling system efficiency whilst protecting critical IT equipment and personnel with aisle or rack-based thermal containment solutions.

  • Active flow control
  • Flexibility for hot or cold aisle in design
  • Fire safe system
  • Build value with LED lighting kit
  • Safe sliding doors
  • Front or rear rack-based containment


Meet high kW loads using minimal space with Schneider Electric’s Rack Power Distribution units (PDUs).

APC Basic Rack PDU

Reliable Rack Power Distribution – APC Basic Rack PDUs offer entry-level power distribution for rack-mounted equipment.

APC Metered Rack PDU

Monitors for unplanned overloads – this advanced PDU provides real-time remote monitoring access of your connected loads.

APC Switched Rack PDU

Power control and visability of equipment – gain remote control of individual outlets and monitoring of aggregate current consumption with premium power distrubiton units.

APC Rack Automatic Transfer Switch

For seamless power switching – provide your single-corded equipment with redundant power.


Intelligent and efficient network power protection from entry level to scaleable runtime – the Smart UPS range offers advanced line interactive power protection with advanced management for servers and network equipment.

APC Smart-UPS On-Line

High density, double-conversion on-line power protection with scalable runtime – these double conversion, on-line UPS systems come with advanced management features to provide your servers, networks, and industrial applications with the online power protection they need.


Schnieder Electric’s portfolio of Netbotz products enables you to monitor and secure your Row Data Center solution.


EcoStruxure It Software & Services

Distributed IT edge and on-premise environments create new challenges:
1. Infrastructure is becoming more complex and harder to manage.
2. Being across multiple locations creates a lack of visibility and insight.
3. There are no IT staff or experts on site.
4. The reactive approach has a negative economic impact.

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APC Visability icon Visability across multiple locations and devices for a complete overview of your equipment. APC Reports icon Reports will show you where what areas will need your attention most.
APC Data icon Use data to proactively guide your management style. APC assessments icon Proactively mitigate risk and improve your operational efficiency with work-life balance with assessments.


APC EcoStruxure Row Data Center header image
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