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£1,930.80 Inc VAT
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Fluke Networks CableIQ Qualification Tester for Residential

by Fluke Networks
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Manufacturer No:CIQ-KRQ
Delivery: In Stock: 2-3 Weeks
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    Fluke Networks CableIQ Qualification Tester for Residential
    Complete residential cable testing and documentation

    CableIQ is the first qualification tester designed for residential installers who need to document that cabling systems are installed properly and will perform reliably. It quickly qualifies residential cabling systems to support voice, VoIP, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, and CATV and presents results in the form of professional test reports. Designed especially with the residential installer in mind, CableIQ is versatile and intuitive enough to replace multiple tools for testing, ID-tagging, and troubleshooting all voice, data, video, audio and security cabling.

    Fluke Networks CableIQ Rich Content Info
    CableIQ version 1.80 has been released and is now available for download

    This requires both the CableIQ Reporter Software 2.0 and the CableIQ Firmware 1.80 to complete the update. The details on how to perform the update and the files can be found here on Fluke Networks Website.

    Copper qualification tester qualifies and documents residential cabling system quality.

    • Documents that residential cabling systems are defect-free and TIA-570B compliant
    • Qualifies residential cabling systems to support voice, VoIP, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, and CATV
    • Graphically maps wiring systems and shows distance to faults with built-in TDR
    • Tests and troubleshoots all low-voltage residential wiring:
      - Coax Cables
      - Telephone Wire
      - Security Wire
      - Speaker Wire
    • Locates and traces cables with IntelliToneTM digital signaling technology

    Virtually eliminate callbacks and workmanship disputes

    Callbacks are expensive, and avoiding them is money in your pocket. Ensuring that installations meet TIA-570B standards for quality allows you to virtually eliminate these expensive callbacks, and recover your investment fast.
    Workmanship disputes are costly and reduce the credibility of installers and builders alike. Professional test reports generated by CableIQ Reporter definitely prove the cause of cabling failures and make disputes a thing of the past.

    Cable Qualification

    Ensure your cabling systems are installed properly and will perform reliably - every time.

    As voice, data, and video technologies continue to converge onto one cabling infrastructure, residential builders and homeowners increasingly need assurance that structured wiring systems will support today's applications. CableIQ tests to confirm what speeds and technologies any residential cabling system will support. In just four seconds, you can see whether any existing or newly-installed cabling link will support voice, VoIP, 10/100/1000 Ethernet or CATV.

    Test Documentation

    Complete Residential Cable Testing and Documentation

    Until now, residential installers had no economical way to document cabling installation integrity. No documentation means installers are unfairly burdened with the responsibility for all claims, whether cabling-related or otherwise, even when problems are caused by other subcontractors. CableIQ allows installers to easily prove the quality of cabling systems upon installation, virtually eliminating callbacks and workmanship disputes.


    Intelligent Wiremap

    CableIQ's "intelligent wiremap" feature tests for length, shorts, split pairs, or opens and displays with an intuitive graphical interface where a fault is located. Unlike other testers that just show a series of numbers for a wiremap, CableIQ displays an easy-to-read graph with distance to faults proportional to the cable length. It also identifies breaks and shorts by pin, rather than by pair. This dramatically reduces the time to locate and troubleshoot a poorly terminated jack, or a break in the middle of a cable.

    CableIQ's "intelligent wiremap" shows pin 6 open at far end of tested cable (130 feet/34 metres).

    Telephone Wire Test

    CableIQ's "multi-map" is a breakthrough feature for residential cable testing. Smart cable identifiers give CableIQ the unique ability to wiremap star wiring configurations often found in residential voice systems. Wiremap faults and ID number (up to seven) of any jack can be seen from the main unit, all at once.

    CableIQ's "multi-map" shows wiremap and ID# of up to seven voice outlets at once.

    Coax Cable Testing 

    Now there's a multi-functional tester for all home cabling media. With the prominence of coax in the home, you need a tool that can quickly and easily test quality of coax cabling, and verify whether video outlets are live or not. CableIQ gives you several ways to test coax cabling:

    1. Quickly qualify coax cabling for video/CATV applications with four-second autotest.

    2. Measure length, verify continuity, and measure the distance to shorts and breaks.

    3. Detect CATV video signal.

    4. Run a coax TDR trace to see where large impedance changes are located

    Security Wire Testing

    CableIQ's continuity toning feature cuts the guesswork out of installing and testing security wire. An intuitive graphical scale shows the resistance on any security wire segment. This is complimented by audible indication on the main unit, which can also be amplified by a tone probe when used at the far end.

    CableIQ gives a visual and audio indication of resistance on security/alarm wire.

    Speaker Wire Testing

    CableIQ's speaker test emits up to 14 different tones to test connected speakers. Easily verify that speakers have been connected correctly by toggling between right and left and changing the phasing.

    CableIQ's speaker test allows for easy verification of proper left/right conections and phasing.

    IntelliTone™ Technology

    CableIQ's breakthrough IntelliTone digital signaling works with the IntelliTone Pro Probe to locate voice, data, and coax video cabling through up to two feet of sheetrock. 

    CableIQ supports IntelliTone digital toning by:

    • Finding cables easier and tracing with better accuracy than any other tool on the market
    • Isolating all electromagnetic and radio frequency interference in digital mode
    • Featuring IntelliTone cable mapping; after tracing, use the IntelliTone Pro Probe 200 to verify wiremap

    Return on Investment

    Pays for Itself in Five Avoided Callbacks

    Getting called back to jobs is expensive and time consuming. Bad cabling connections are the most common problem, resulting in more callbacks than anything else. With margins only getting tighter in the residential cabling industry, installers cannot afford to return to jobs for repairs that can be avoided up front. Qualifying each installation is a simple and economical way to make sure that all cables and jacks are properly connected, and that the system will support desired applications.

    Another common problem is damage caused by other subcontractors. Without documentation to prove that cabling systems are defect-free upon installation, installers are liable for repairing this damage regardless of who is responsible. No installer wants to be involved in workmanship disputes, so most installers pay for these repairs out of pocket. Documenting installations means installers can charge customers or other subcontractors for these repairs.

    CableIQ can virtually eliminate callbacks. The powerful return on investment is easy to see. Callbacks for repairs cost installers an average of $200 per truck roll. By avoiding just five callbacks with CableIQ's professional testing and documentation, installers can pay for the unit.

    Easy to Use

    Installers of all skills levels can begin using CableIQ with no training

    Empower installers with this easy-to-use tool:

    • Intuitive user interface and graphical display guides user with little or no training required
    • Rotary knob makes learning easy and operation simple you always know what test mode is selected
    • Generate professional test reports in just three easy steps
    • Portable, lightweight, rugged ergonomic design for easy field use
    • Long lasting battery life for several weeks of testing (four AA batteries)

    What is Qualification?

    Qualification is a new category of testers designed to meet the emerging needs of network technicians who need to upgrade to higher network speeds as well as troubleshoot connectivity problems. Qualification testers, like Fluke Networks new CableIQ Qualification Tester, determines if an existing cabling link can or can not support certain network speeds and technologies. This differs from certification testers, like the DTX CableAnalyzer, which guarantees cabling installations comply with TIA/ISO performance standards and basic verification testers, like the MicroScanner Pro, which tests if the cable is connected correctly.

    This differs from certification testers, like the DTX CableAnalyzer™, which guarantees cabling installations comply with TIA-568B commercial-level performance standards (e.g. Cat 5e/6/other), and analyzes performance parameters like NEXT, RL, ELFEXT, etc. It also differs from basic verification testers, like the MicroScanner™Pro, which simply verify proper wiremap and continuity.

    Qualification testers allow residential installers to test and document that any cabling link will support voice, VoIP, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, or CATV. Results are stored in the test unit, and can be uploaded to a PC, printed out, and provided to builders or home owners. They also have powerful installation verification and troubleshooting capabilities that allow residential installers to replace multiple tools for testing and ID-tagging voice, data, video, audio, and security cabling. Qualification testing allows residential installers to lower their installation costs by significantly reducing expensive callbacks to the job. Professional test reports also eliminate costly and time-consuming workmanship disputes.

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