Summer is here, many of us are off on our holidays and what better way to make it run a little smoother than an extra £100!!

Yes, we are delighted to partner up with our friends at DrayTek to offer up two £100 Love2shop vouchers!

So how to win?

Well, Like our Facebook page and post the hashtag #DrayTek. You can also enter via our Twitter page as well @CommsExpress by Retweeting and Following. There is no limit as to the number of times you can enter, and indeed, you can enter via both Facebook and Twitter. So you have two avenues to win, and you can spread the word as often as you like!

Good luck!

So a big thank you to DrayTek! The product DrayTek range includes router firewalls, wireless access points, switching products, ADSL modems and accessories. With your business in mind, all of their products gave the feature are designed for business, with the premium features you need.

As you would expect, we stock an excellent selection of DrayTek products, including:

DrayTek Switches
DrayTek Modems and Routers
DrayTek Access Points
DrayTek VOIP

Let’s have a look at the some of the Vigor series.

The Vigor 2760 series are their routers for the Small Office & Home Business user. They provide excellent performance and security, as well as dial-out VPN connectivity, ideal for the teleworker. For families, these models provide extensive content filtering, allowing you to control what your users or family have access to on the web, or set time schedules.

The Vigor 2925 series provides dual Ethernet WAN ports, ideal for any Internet connection provided on an Ethernet interface. On the LAN side, it has five Gigabit ports. The USB port provides access for a shared printer, a 3G USB dongle for connection to cellular networks or a simple NAS (network storage) service. Internet content filtering and VPN are both comprehensively supported.

The Vigor 3900 is an Enterprise-class security router/firewall providing Gigabit throughput and capacity for 500 VPN tunnels, including both IPSec and SSL VPN types and support for both IPv4 and IPv6. The Vigor 3900 features four WAN ports (Gigabit Ethernet and SFP-Fibre) and can be set into High-Availability mode (mirroring) to provide your WAN infrastructure with even more fault-tolerance. The Vigor 2960 is its little brother, providing two-WAN ports with high performance, load balancing, VPN connectivity and firewalling.

The Vigor 3220 and Vigor 2952 are alternatives to the Vigor 3900 and 2960 with similar WAN interfaces (4-WAN and 2-WAN respectively) but based on the familiar DrayOS operating system.

DrayTek’s wireless access points add wireless connectivity to any LAN, as well as providing bridging and repeating facilities for extending Wireless LAN coverage. Industry standard encryption, together with various layers of security, provide you with a comprehensive feature set for a reliable, secure wireless network.

DrayTek’s Vigor 120 is a unique and immensely popular product. It connects to your ADSL line and converts it to an Ethernet interface for connection to any other router/firewall which requires an Ethernet input. There’s no NAT – no messing with the data – it just bridges and passes your connection straight through. Your connected router or firewall takes care of the ISP login, the Vigor 120 just acts as the modem.

The DrayTek Vigor 130 is an ADSL and VDSL modem with an Ethernet connection; it is not a router but a true ADSL/VDSL Ethernet Modem (bridge). It provides a connection between your xDSL line and a Router/Firewall or another network endpoint. The Vigor 130 provides compatibility with all current UK VDSL/ADSL technologies; it has been extensively tested and tuned to provide a robust and reliable DSL connection. BT MCT approved (SIN498).

We enjoy working with DrayTek and delighted to partner with them on our latest competition.

Until next time…