Look as far as we’re concerned here at Comms Express, the Geek has always been chic but just recently it would appear that the wider populace has now cottoned on.

Recently we tweeted that Will.i.am is proud to be a geek, “Sure I am, I’m a chic geek.” The Telegraph has him pitched as an evangelist for technology and is dreaming what the future will be. So many current hit bands such as Mumford and Sons are sporting the geek look. Of course, we were overjoyed that this theme was carried forward with some aplomb by Ben Whishaw as the Q in Skyfall, the 23rd Bond film.

We’ve seen a renaissance in science as a cool subject to take in school aided by Professor Brian Cox and his undoubted charismatic charm. The hit TV show QI hosted by Stephen Fry always allows you to take away some fantastic facts aided by fun and learning.

The title of this piece may lend itself to a light-hearted theme but of course, the wider connotation is learning is now seen to be cool. The generation coming through are part of a generation encouraged to become studious, all having pride in gaining knowledge.

So many of the people we admire and look up to nowadays are termed as geeks. I’m thinking Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jeff Skoll and of course the late and much missed Steve Jobs. These guys have not only changed and shaped the way we live but of course, became super rich along the way. Twitter, Facebook, PayPal, and eBay now play such a huge part in our lives, have all been sold for fortunes and have all been set up by ‘Chic Geeks’. The building blocks of Silicon Valley are made up of young, adventurous, and studious geeks. Why wouldn’t you want to emulate their success?

When I left school academic results were not of paramount importance but nowadays they are a vital ingredient to advance. Either via University or in the job markets long lists of academic results are your passport to future success. So to see the aforementioned names and more held up as iconic figures make for a welcome change.

So for me long may it continue – the Geeks shall inherit the earth!

Until next time…