Despite running a company for so long I never cease to feel excited (think childishly so!) when I see a great review complementing Comms Express on the user experience.  Rest assured they all mean so much to our team. That said thankfully we don’t receive too many negative comments but they too have their part to play, if we can take anything away by way of improving our operation then be assured we will.

Pre-internet days the only way one could converse with a company or brand was to either write, aptly called ‘snail mail’ today, or visit a store. Now 9.999 times out of ten this trip to the store wouldn’t be to congratulate the said company on their magnificent service, rather it was a case of shouting as loud as one could (not me of course dear readers!) in the vain hope that your complaint would be seen too with some haste.

Nowadays of course there are all manner of interactions open to us. We have Facebook and Twitter as the two obvious routes in which to engage and as with Comms many companies have a feed showing customer reviews on their website. Our reviews link on our websites brings many benefits , none the least allowing an organic feel to our operations and showing that we value what our customers have to say.

I, like many of us I’m sure, recall companies like Amazon allowing for customer reviews to be posted on their website and thinking: what!, they’ve gone mad; allowing the customer to post what they feel is a darn quick way for a company  to reach financial ruin. How wrong we were: I wasn’t the only one – right? Now of course it is hard to imagine buying anything over the internet without the knowledge that we have the right of reply. The aforementioned right to reply allows for a sense of security, we can now see other user experiences before agreeing to purchase.  I certainly love to hear feedback from friends and family as to their own experiences, so reading the reviews from ‘unknown friends’ makes perfect sense.

Of course if you’re to open your company to the exposure that reviews and social media can offer then we as businesses have to provide a quality experience for our customer; just as I expect when I purchase anything. Gone are the days that a company can hide behind a brick wall, and I for one welcome that.  If we are to accept the good reviews then we also have to take on board and welcome the negative. Both good and bad confirm and inform the customer. It would be both churlish and foolish of me to ignore criticism; this to my mind will feed any angst and fuel the flames. No better to assimilate the problem, deal with it and at all times keep the customer in the loop.

So in short keep your reviews coming both via our Facebook and Twitter pages and of course on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

Until next time…