When the idea came to me to set up my own business I couldn’t of course call the company such descriptive terms as ‘business’, ‘company’ or ‘project’; no I needed a name. I needed a name that best described how I foresaw my idea. I needed a name that would help my business ethos come to fruition. And eleven years later Comms Express is very much a robust, living and breathing entity.

So what’s in a name? Of course, we’re in the Communication industry, so therefore Comms. The components we sell, patch leads, cabling, server racks for example brought to mind the word express; an express highway of information all sent and gathered via our product range.

More importantly ‘Express’ also spoke to me because it is the cast in stone philosophy I wanted for my company. I wanted an assurance for our customers that their orders would be dealt and distributed with haste and care, and it is this mantra that has been at the heart of our operations from day one.

Now why the hyphen within our URL address and what is behind the look of our logo? Well once we’d settled upon our name we suddenly realised that the two names together with all lower case when used within a URL perhaps gave out the wrong message.

Can you see what I mean?! So hence the hyphen! And so then for our web address we became known at comms-express.

Nowadays of course, as I say some eleven years into the life of the business it could only be known as. For any
parents reading this you know how long and hard you ruminate over the choice of name for your newborn. We all love our favourite bands; many with names upon first hearing are just peculiar but now are part of the music landscape – ‘The Beatles’; ‘Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars’ and ‘Echo and the Bunnymen’ to name but three from a long list but serve the purpose in highlighting that once a name is chosen the entity, band, company or person becomes that said name.

And so Comms Express was born.

I would love to hear how your business name came about.