So for many December proved to be a month of semi- debauchery, perhaps the fine times have been an extension of the previous 11 months! So now here we are in January, and it is time to bring forth the resolution. A New Year means that new beginnings beckon.

Of course, many of you may not be plagued with vices, not any at least you wish to discharge with. However for those of you who do intend to stop drinking, quit smoking, join the gym or lose weight and generally lead a healthier lifestyle or have decided to commit to working more diligently, how long does this newfound commitment continue into the New Year?

For most mere mortals the newfound resolutions are always hard to keep. Life throws up so many temptations. Indeed the master himself, Oscar Wilde lyrically once said, “I can resist anything but temptation.” Indeed!

I read a piece in Forbes magazine, and they claimed that the reason so many resolutions fail is they are not specific enough. So instead of saying, “I’m going to lose weight (of course not me dear reader!)”, we should instead state that we aim to lose a stone and then build up things incrementally from there. And the good news is whatever goal we achieve we should reward ourselves; I’m all over that!

Although that said they, Resolutions, should be easier to keep. Just think how much help there is out there now. 2013 is the year you’re going to write that bestselling novel you’ve been threatening to write for years? There is an App! You want to take the bold step and venture out with your own business? There is an App! Those extra pounds you’ve been kindly carrying around your midriff you wish to shed them in 2013? There is an App! You want to design an App? There is an App!

Yes, nowadays technology is here; all ready to help us all achieve our goals. Of course the technology is only going to work if we are there willing and able to push it along – metaphorically speaking! Yet we live in an age when we can, and perhaps do, palm off responsibility to technology. So perhaps it should be that our New Year Resolutions should be that we buy more technology! Never a bad thing!

Until next time…