Any form of success is made up by many differing components; no one individual is solely responsible for any success, or by the same token – failure. How often do we hear our favourite team trot out the ‘team ethos’; you know the one “we win & lose together”? It is certainly something we like to consider important here at Comms Express. That said we’ve never actually gone in for an organised team building day; have any of you and did you find it beneficial? I’d like to hear from either management or employees from other companies as to their thoughts on these organised days out – do they work?

I know that the theorising behind them is sound and I understand they’ve reached prominence as companies strive for their teams to hit even higher levels of performance, however in my – albeit limited – experience one size doesn’t fit all. The team here recently enjoyed a great day out together at Newmarket Racecourse courtesy of our friends at Usystems Ltd and a great time was had by all, which to my mind was a great way to facilitate that bond found in any successful team.

I know that I’m bias but our team here at Comms are a great bunch, all really committed to making sure that deliveries come and go on time, customer service issues are dealt with swiftly and correctly. Would climbing up a rock face in Wales or sing-along’s around a camp fire either be fun or productive?

What none of us like is to feel patronised and manipulated and the relaxed atmosphere of our Newmarket day proved really beneficial to our team. That said nobody lost their house, which is always a success at the track! It is these days out, or Christmas bashes that any complex issues that arise in any group of individuals are ironed out. A great team to me are those that come together for the greater good. The saying, ‘We get together for what we’ve got in common rather than what we haven’t’ is the key.

So for now I remain convinced those light and fun days out are great for team bonding rather than the organised day out. However if anybody has an argument for this I’d love to hear from you.