The Cabling Conundrum Of A Project Like HS2

HS2 has been a talking point for years, but the discussion has mostly surrounded the spiralling costs and the potential community disruption along the planned route. When it comes to an infrastructure project like HS2, however, there is a mountain of other considerations at play as well, including a vast requirement for cabling. Cabling might […]

Disaster Recovery Planning In The New Digital Age

With businesses across all industries taking advantage of the efficiency gains and cost reduction of increased digitisation, cybersecurity is a growth industry and with good reason. Data breaches cost UK businesses billions of pounds each year and shatter consumer confidence. Security is extremely important, but it is by no means the whole picture when it […]

Proliferation Of IoT : The Impact On The IT Professional

24 Billion IoT devices. Connected to a network and fully functioning by 2020. That’s the prediction from a recent study into how IoT is transforming globally. The Internet of Things is a network consisting of devices that are connected to the internet. Data packets are transmitted and gathered with little to no input from the […]

What The Industry Is Using: Top 5 Apps For IT Professionals

A 2015 study from Neilson (developers for better solutions in Business and the marketplace) found that smartphone users had increased their app usage year on year by over 60 per cent (from the previous two years). In 2015 alone, smartphone usage was dominated by 85% of all time within an app. With those kinds of […]

Stay Connected With D-Link Mobile WiFi

Travelling and staying connected can be a bit of a pain. Paying a small fortune for train, airport or hotel WiFi is bad enough, but usually, it’s slow and restricted. What if there was another way? Enter D-Link’s Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspots! A mobile WiFi hotspot is a portable palm-sized gadget, which once you insert a […]

Renovating Old Buildings For 21st-Century Technology

More and more businesses are renovating older buildings when looking for new and upgraded office locations. If you’re looking for buildings with more character, a sense of history or city centre locations, you may find that an older building is your best bet. However, you should note that when you move into these premises, they […]

What Will The Classroom Of The Future Look Like?

If you’ve ever witnessed a young child trying to control your television as if it had a touchscreen, you’ll have noticed that technology is changing the world. Rapid innovation in technology demands a different outlook on education – an outlook that reflects the need to transform our schools in exciting new ways. So, with this […]

Take Back Control Of Your Network With Sonicwall’s Deeper Security

In recent times, network security has become paramount. And, is one of the biggest issues that data centres and businesses alike are having to contend with. So, it’s of no surprise to the industry, that this has bought on the rapid acceleration in next-generation firewalls (NGFWs). With attempts and threats to retrieve unsolicited materials going […]

5G Of The Future: How Will The World Change?

The new 5G mobile internet network that is set to change the world will be launching in 2020. Although we’re beginning to get a better understanding of what 5G is, how fast it will be and how it works, the world has yet to understand fully the impact of its global roll-out in just a […]

Battle Away Disease with Brain Training

Over time, our brains can deteriorate. Everything we do each day changes our brains, from what we eat, how we fuel our bodies, and how active we are to learning and practising new skills. Even a simple task such as reading shapes your brain and modifies the connections between the neurons in it. This is […]

What Makes Britain Great?

What makes Britain great? This is a debate we have often around Comms Towers. The team and I enjoyed a cracking Easter break. Those of us with children had the delights of them enjoying a well-earned mostly sunny holiday. And when the sun is out is there a better country than the UK? The fields […]

There’s A New Sheriff In Town

As regular readers of the Comms blog will know we are always on the lookout for a cool tech story. We have found one! Now which young boy, or girl for that matter, did not adopt a tin badge and pretend to be the sheriff of a town overrun by bandits! Surely not just me? […]

End Your Streaming Woes With Our Latest TPLINK Giveaway

We are delighted to be keeping up our end by offering another great prize for another great competition. We have teamed up with our friends at TP-LINK and 2 Archer T4UH Wireless Dual Band USB Adapters. Now speaking of keeping your end up the TP-LINK Archer T4UH is the superior choice for seamless HD streaming, online gaming and other […]

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