Like our customer base here at Comms Express we are always on the lookout for new and exciting advances; advances that make our life easier, more fluid and just darn exciting!

Comms director Mark Jermyn is always enthused to speak to our suppliers, and his excitement at hearing of yet another innovative idea from our friends at D-Link was palpable.

Ladies and gents, a little drum-roll please introducing – mydlink!

If life, via work or home, necessitates that you’re on the move, D-Link has the perfect solution for you. Always at the forefront of technology, they have come up trumps with their latest innovation.

So what is this mydlink that has so excited us here at Comms Express?

Well, mydlink enables you to take your world with you wherever you go. The secure mydlink website enables you complete access to Routers, IP Surveillance Cameras and storage services.

The cool thing is the mydlink app is easily downloaded to your tablet or smart-phone. So with just a touch of a button, everything that is important to you is now under your watchful eye.

This is clever stuff, people!

Granted we know a little about IT and the tech industry but setting up a mydlink account could not have been easier. A step-by-step guide is on hand and registration took just a few minutes.

Once completed you can share your holiday photos with your friends when you’re on the train, keep an eye on your house while you’re away from home, access your entire music collection when you’re on holiday abroad, and see who’s accessing your home network. In short peace-of-mind and home, comforts are never far away.

With home monitoring via mydlink on your mobile that impromptu night out away from the kids means that you can kick back and relax, safe in the knowledge that the babysitter is doing her job! There is no more hesitancy about leaving the home and loved ones; you can easily see events from your camera feed with a Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection. You can take a snap of the concert, your dinner or friends and send it back to your family, sharing the experience with them instantly.

Want that instant feedback on a piece of furniture you’ve spotted? Not confident of going it alone on the wallpaper you’ve chosen? You just cannot decide on the colour of car – red, silver black or white? No problem using your mydlink you can have that all-important feedback from your loved ones.

I recall buying the all-important baby monitor, a hiss of white noise accompanied your so-called peaceful evening downstairs while the little one slept soundly upstairs. How I wish mydlink had been available then. Now just by picking up your tablet, you can check in on baby from downstairs in glorious colour. I even tried it on the train home. I made the fatal mistake of promising I would be home at a set time only for the train to be delayed. Not a problem! I logged into my mydlink account and hey presto my home came alive in front of me. My kids were tucking into their tea, and I was able to have a quick chat with them. It certainly made the delay a little more tolerable!

For us parents, another concern is our children’s safety when surfing the internet. This is covered with mydlink routers. In real time you can see exactly the sites your children are visiting. Also, a mydlink router gives you peace of mind against unwanted interlopers trying to access your network without permission – the online version of ‘Beware of the Dog!’

Travelling with mydlink now means that you can take your favourite music tracks with you or that favourite home movie or selection of snaps. No longer does your tablet, iPod or phone’s memory have to take a huge battering! You can leave them where they are in your mydlink storage device. Now your mobile device is no longer encumbered, just access and find what you need when you need it remotely!