In previous blogs I have spoken of the importance of the team within a company, and of course that is true for Comms Express. As far as I am concerned they truly are the best.

I am sure that everyone here would agree it is a team at Comms. Now I am not one for fancy ‘new age’ jargon yet I came across the following in a business journal and felt it was a perfect fit for us here at Comms Express.

T – Together

E – Everyone

A – Achieves

M – More

I really like this. It is something I can buy into. None of us, least of all me, like working in a demotivated environment and there is only one way to achieve a productive workplace and that is to learn and work together.

Yet who are this team of whom I refer to so fondly? Nowadays we are a thirty plus strong workforce. Hard to assimilate that when I think way back when Comms Express was set up. Myself in a spare bedroom wrapping, packing and stacking! The original ‘I’ in team!

I am a big believer in promoting within. If you have employed people who you believe in and trust then who better to elevate into a senior position when one becomes available. Our belief is that anybody joining the team should first and foremost meet our criteria – will they fit in and are they the best talent we can find?  Over the coming months, you’ll see that the guys and girls who have joined and stayed with us here at Comms Express have been just that. We’ve employed them because we believed they added value to Comms, we could find a role for them later; a strength-based approach to recruitment. Do we actually want to be around them? Forget the talent, talent alone isn’t enough, you have to enjoy working with colleagues. Sure this idea is easy enough to espouse and it has taken a little time to put into practice. I’ve been excited by hiring somebody but my gut says he or she wouldn’t be right for the team. So we haven’t gone ahead and continued our search.

The senior management team and I are always looking for new opportunities and encourage our team to do the same both inside and outside of Comms. If they see somewhere they can add value then offer an opinion. I hate to be shouted down, particularly prior to offering an opinion (!), and I’m always open to hearing an idea and it’s often an idea from outside a particular team which can offer up something unique.

So over the coming months, I thought it would be fun to allow the Comms team to introduce themselves, nothing too heavy just a few lighthearted questions.

I look forward to introducing you to the Comms Express team.

Until next time.