So if you’re reading this you’ve survived January and are looking to tackle February. The two adjectives I’ve used would imply that winter in the UK is one for the battle-hardened and of course there have been parts of the country suffering from the cold, snow and rain. Yet for me, it isn’t the weather so much that is problematic rather the post-Christmas blues which seem to labour many of us.

The first quarter of each New Year is usually a challenge for many of us, as we challenge ourselves to raise the bar and go for our goals. The spring, summer and autumn months allow us a natural spring in our step whereas the months after Christmas can be a trial.

Now I do not want this to be some form of a self-help blog. I certainly don’t have the answers to life; far from it. No, I like many could do with some help on many fronts. However, that said I do find these months when we do not have too many distractions actually help me, especially on the work front.

During these months I allow myself to believe in the possibilities of thought. After all, it’s cold, wet and dull outside so I’ll create a buzz by thinking up a new idea, a new journey, and a new opportunity to take our company on. These ideas are often not fully formed; often they may not reach their goal but that for me is the fun; it’s the fun of trying. A little tweak on our website will mean that we can now achieve more for our clients. Bringing in a new design motif will bring a fresh feeling, that fresh paint smell. A little cheesy perhaps but the room is bathed in sunshine; some warmth will enter catching a ride on this little idea. It’s these moments that a wry smile will cross my face and I know that whatever inclement weather is beating down the door outside I know that I’m beating it back, just a little.

Perhaps that for me is the joy of working with a great team. Outwardly perhaps our product range isn’t that sexy yet is essential for our IT experience and making sure that searching through our range is as simplified as possible it an ever-changeable goal. It was the goal upon our inception and it remains the goal. Delivering IT fast!

So as many of us do I too love the warmer months but winter in all of its guises has its part to play, if only for a few ideas to sneak forth!

Until next time…