Modern workers just don’t sit still.

Hot desking, meeting rooms, and working from home means that workers must be mobile.

The explosion of laptops, tablets and smartphones has not only changed the way we play and socialise but the way we work.

Physical and mental health research shows that moving around, changing environments and flexible working are good for us. Workers are taking this advice to heart.

With the rise of flexible working comes with a desperate need for flexible networks. The demand on wireless networks will become too much for most companies. A stronger network solution is needed.

While the Network Switch and Ethernet Networking are often considered “Old Hat”, they are necessary for providing a network that works for you, your employees and your business goals.

HPE have been researching and exploring the new frontier of mobile working. Their product catalogue has been designed with mobile networks in mind. A seamless blend of wired and wireless networks is critical to business success.

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Why Go Wireless?

In a recent study by The Economist, workers who say their employer used mobile technology well “are typically more productive, creative, satisfied and loyal”.

Most business goals revolve around these traits. High profits come from productive staff. Productivity is best achieved with a happy, loyal and satisfied team.

Wireless networks provide the freedom to move around the office at will. Changes in the environment can help boost productivity by allowing staff to be where they work best. Sometimes, a noisy environment provides a much-needed boost of creativity. Sometimes, silence is needed.

But this isn’t just a noise issue.

Staying sitting down is bad for our health, so many companies are implementing standing desks. Being able to move between standing and sitting environments is difficult when wired to the wall.

There’s also financial gain from going wireless too.

Organisations can lower real estate costs through wireless networking. Intel noticed that 60% of cubicals were unused at any given time. By restructuring the office and working towards more digital spaces, they reduced real estate and operational costs while keeping the same level of staff.

Workers can increase their productivity by creating a working day that works for them. They can work when they are more productive in environments that make them feel more inspired.

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The Changing Roles Of Wired Network

Traditionally, wired networks had one job to do: provide wired access. Desktop computers plugged into ethernet ports. Cables run back to the comms room. Printers, scanners and NAS drives might be attached too.

Demand on the network was low, so the networks could be kept basic.

Today, networks also must manage powerful Wireless Access Points, on top of a whole host of gadgets brought to us by the Internet of Things (IoT).

While most users are cutting the cord, many other devices are very much corded. No matter what WiFi 6 or 5G can bring, many mission-critical and security devices will always remain wired.

So balancing wired and wireless is essential for business.

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Are Network Switches Still Necessary?

Network switches are the staple of a wired network. They are also essential for a wireless network.

Network Switches must become a gateway for dozens of Wireless Access Points. They need to provide PoE to these devices and many IoT devices.

As many of these devices will be mission-critical, then providing a switch which is reliable and robust will be necessary.


Enter HPE Aruba

Aruba are centred on Mobility and flexibility in the workplace. Their WiFi centric approach means that flexible working is well within your grasp.

Aruba Instant On

Aruba’s Instant On range provides a variety of wireless access points that are perfect for offices. The devices can be managed from a mobile, tablet or PC, meaning monitoring and management can be done remotely.

The access points are fast to set-up and easy to use. The Aruba Instant On is perfect for fast-growing businesses.

Aruba AP11 Instant On Access Point

Aruba AP11

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Aruba AP11DAruba AP11D

Aruba AP11

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Aruba AP17 Outdoor Instant On Access Point

Aruba AP17

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Aruba Switches

Aruba 2530 switches provide cost-effective, reliable and secure access layer connectivity for small and medium-sized businesses.

The switches offer flexible management and fantastic layer two and layer three capabilities. The switches have simplified configuration and management through Aruba Central, a cloud-based platform which offers a simple, secure and cost-effective way to management.

Aruba 2530-8-PoE+ Switch JL070A

Aruba JL070A

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Aruba 2530-24G-PoE+ Switch J9773A

Aruba J9773A

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Aruba 2530-48G-PoE+ Switch J9772A

Aruba J9772A

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