We recently reported within the ‘Industry News‘ section of our website that our supplier Hewlett Packard (HP) remained the worldwide leader in terms of server shipments. Like many top companies, HP is working hard and turning around their fortunes and led by their President and CEO Meg Whitman. They are making great strides, which is very heartening indeed.

Key perhaps to this success has been their mantra of living for the big idea. For anybody who has seen an ‘idea’ – no matter if it is business, home, career or personal life, come to fruition, you know how refreshing it is. An idea can manifest itself in any number of shapes and forms, more often than not coming at the most unexpected of times. No matter the time and form of arrival, it is seizing upon that is key to turning it into a reality.

Check out this from HP’s website

At HP, we live for the big idea, the next great discovery. “Invent” is more than a word: it’s who we are. Everything we do, we do to make technology more practical, usable, and valuable to our customers. Want to join us?

The company was founded by William Redington Hewlett and Dave Packard in a small garage in Palo Alto in 1939. The garage is now-known as the birthplace of Silicon Valley. The Stanford University pals built an audio oscillator for sound engineers. Such was the immediate success that Walt Disney Studios became an early advocate when they purchased eight oscillators for their ground-breaking film Fantasia.

I really hope that this is true – that the two founding partners tossed a coin to decide which way round their names would feature! Hewlett-Packard it was, and they were incorporated in 1947 and ten years later were a public company.

Today, of course, HP is a world-famous name in delivering innovative PC’s, data storage, software, networking hardware and a full range of services and IT support infrastructure.

From the inception of Comms Express, HP was a brand we were eager to work with. As we have developed over the last 12 years as has our relationship with the team at HP and they are a valued and trusted supplier, whose dedicated team are always on hand to advise our team here.

Our extensive range of HPE Aruba switches, modules and chassis all come at fantastic prices, providing high-performance Ethernet connection for your network.

We certainly look forward to continuing our partnership with HP

Until next time.