Boost your retail experience with Cisco Meraki’s cloud-powered networking solutions. Discover how Meraki streamlines operations, empowers staff, and delights customers.

Key Takeaways

  • Reduced operational costs: Simplified IT management and automated tasks free up resources for strategic initiatives.
  • Enhanced customer experience: Streamlined Wi-Fi connectivity, improved security, and targeted marketing boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Empowered staff: Secure and reliable network access enables staff to focus on delivering exceptional service.

Q: How can Cisco Meraki cloud networking enhance the retail experience?

A: Cisco Meraki’s cloud-managed network solutions offer a comprehensive approach to streamlining operations, improving customer experience, and empowering staff, ultimately leading to increased revenue and profitability for retailers.

Cisco Meraki cloud-managed networking lowers operational costs and improves customer experience. Whether you’re a retailer or an installer, this kind of statement is bold, and Cisco Meraki knows exactly how to back themselves up.

The Cisco Meraki range is made up of access points, switches and security appliances produced to optimise network distribution across multiple retail locations. So how do they back up their claims?

Through PCI-compliant architecture, mPOS and Guest WiFi access have been integrated to provide central visibility and control, reducing the need for excess hardware or software. What’s more, Cisco Meraki has developed an intuitive system, reducing the need for mundane and time-consuming training programs. So for your boss, you’re not “wasting” time as it now only takes minutes to become familiar with the cloud architecture.

As you may (or may not) be familiar, Cisco Meraki brings the quality synonymous with the Cisco brand – to the party. While offering up the complete solution.

The Cisco Meraki Line Provides A Complete Solution For Retail

This single solution offers retailers fugraphll dynamic analytics. Allowing the retailer to turn customers into loyal promoters.

  • Measure presence by tracking the number and types of connected clients
  • Customise sign-on splash pages and integrate network sign-on with your CRM database via Meraki’s extensible APIs
  • Drive store visits through targeted, timely offers to mobile devices
  • Increase foot traffic and lengthen dwell time with in-store mobile customer engagement
  • Identify client shopping trends by analysing user web traffic
  • Push apps and offers to customers through integral Bluetooth radio and antenna on the MR32 and MR72

As previously mentioned, Cisco Meraki integrates mPOS and Guest WiFi access into a single PCI compliant architecture. To some, this may make you skeptical, after all, security is paramount. But, verification protocols will be sure to allay these fears.

Simplify And Streamline Your Level 1 PCI Audit With PCI Compliance Verification:

  • PCI DSS Level 1 certified cloud networking platform
  • Built-in compliance checking to validate network configuration
  • Air Marshal detects and neutralises wireless threats
  • Integrated stateful firewall segregates customer and non-privileged users from the cardholder data environment
  • Complete enterprise-class authentication and user management toolkit
  • Daily 3rd party penetration testing of cloud management platform

What’s More, Your Customer Can Then Receive A Modern High-Level Experience When Shopping. Bought On By The Secure, Branded Guest WiFi To Improve Shopper Experience With WiFi Access.

  • Built-in firewall provides guest access securely isolated from the LAN
  • Customise shopper experience with branded splash pages
  • Empower shoppers to check in-store or online inventory and receive suggestions based on product interest
  • Social media integration expands customer experience and awareness


Cloud Management provides DWR with ease of deployment, ease of management, and complete visibility and control across 50 sites.

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