We have all been there – the ignominy of a dead phone! That all-important phone call you are making and your phone cut out! You must send an email and just as you are about to press send – your tablet battery dies! The emergence of social networking site apps on our phones is making the life expectancy of modern batteries an ever growing issue.

Fear not, here at Comms Express we have the answer!!

Thankfully we work with suppliers who understand the need to make sure that you are not stranded in the middle of nowhere with a smartphone or tablet with a low battery. The great news is that mobile power banks come in all shapes, weights, capacities and prices.

The good idea is to decide if you need a powerful device to fit in your pocket or is to be carried in a bag or holdall? If it is to be carried every day, perhaps avoid a bulky design.

We would like to introduce you, dear reader, to three core ranges of Mobile Power Devices/Banks on our website.

TP-LINK Power Banks 

TP-Link offers a great range of mobile power devices, with the TP-Link TL-PB10400 allowing for charging two devices simultaneously. And as an added bonus a rather convenient built-in flashlight, which is very handy. TP-Link prices start from £9.93 through to larger batteries for an affordable £41.72.

TP-Link Power Banks


APC Mobile Power Packs

The APC range begins at a very competitive price of £8.04 and up to £16.44 for the APC Mobile Power Pack, 10000mAh Li-polymer in a sleek black

APC Mobile Power Packs


Value USB Power Banks 

For those working a smaller budget, we have a selection of value USB power banks including the 4000mAh USB Power Bank for an incredible £4.88!!

Phones and tablets are getting better and faster, with an abundance of apps to enjoy, however, battery life is not improving but poor battery life need never be a problem again, with a mobile power device life can once again be mobile! Films and music on the go can once again be enjoyed and not feared from the threat of your battery losing charge; just plug in and go with our great range of easily portable solutions!

Until next time…