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We have all been there – the ignominy of a dead phone! That all-important phone call you are making and your phone cut out! Just about to send that vital email abd your tablet battery dies!

As we continue to use our devices for more and more, the strain we put on our battery life is begins to grow. Add in the creation of social networking apps and games, and the issue of the life expectancy of the batteries becomes an ever growing problem.

Fortunately we have a solution! No, you don’t need to save your phone for emergencies or always remain near a plug socket ready for a recharge. Just carry along a mobile power bank in case of emergencies! Mobile power banks come in all shapes, weights, capacities and prices, and can easily fit into a pocket or a bag.

Tripp Lite UPB-20K0-2U1C Portable Charger – 2x USB-A, USB-C

With PD Charging, 20,100mAh Power Bank, Lithium-Ion, USB-IF, Black

Tripp Lite UPB-20K0-2U1C Portable Charger - 2x USB-A, USB-C
A Compact 20,100mAh power bank that can charge up to 3 smartphones, tablets, e-readers and other mobile devices simultaneously without using an AC power outlet.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for road trips, hikes, blackouts and other applications without AC power
  • USB-A and USB-C ports provide 57W maximum charging power simultaneously
  • 20,100mAh of lithium-ion battery capacity is plenty for hours of maximum power draw
  • Certified by USB-IF to ensure highest-grade construction and performance
  • LED indicators show remaining power bank battery capacity at a glance
  • 1-year limited warranty

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