I just love this time of year for many reasons of course, spending time with loved ones, the giving (and receiving!) of presents and the whole wonderful vibe. The vibe is achieved by the aforementioned reasons but also for me with the wonderful carols and songs that fill the airwaves, homes and churches across the country.

There are just so many Christmas carols; songs that help bring communities together at various Christmas services across the country. Now like many of us I’m not going to be auditioning for ‘The Voice’ or ‘X Factor’ but I like many love a good sing song this time of year. I’m not reticent in belting our ‘Away in a Manger’ or ‘Deck the Halls’.

It’s Christmas!” “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” “Rocking round the Christmas tree” and “Feed the world” are just a few lines from some of the great Christmas songs. A great song, particularly a great Christmas song, will engender a feeling of good will. It is an art to be able to pull off what could easily fade into irony while of course applying the right dose of sentimentality.

For so many years the Christmas song has been a staple of the season. These songs no matter how many times you hear them they bring a smile upon our faces. Pubs, restaurants, shops and supermarkets all belt out Christmas songs and no matter how stressed you are upon the realisation that the supermarkets are completely out of sprouts they give you that feeling of good cheer. And there we have a great link – an opportunity for me to wish you all good cheer.

Christmas allows us an opportunity to raise a glass and allow us the time to think of others. And believe me that I’m raising an imaginary glass (after all I’m working!) to all of our valued customers, the team at Comms and you reading this, while of course humming ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ by the man that is Shakin’ Stevens!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Until next time…