Yes, Comms Express is celebrating its birthday. Hooray for Comms! On Thursday, 24th January, we celebrate our 11th year in business. I have to say that it is a little hard for me to fully comprehend that the company I launched eleven years hence is nearly reaching its teenage years. Like any caring parent, I type this blog with fingers firmly crossed that as we enter our teenage years we do not suddenly turn into a ‘Kevin and Perry’ style teenager!

Seriously though I do write this not without a little pride. Like many starting out on their own, I held secret ambitions of success. Not for me the chest-thumping rhetoric of some businessman. No, I just had the rather modest ambitions of dearly wanting to offer the kind of service I knew that I expected and if that led to any success then I would be overjoyed.

In previous blogs, I’ve spoken of the genesis of our name and also of the origins of the company in a spare bedroom of my house. Yet perhaps what is not known is that we also share our birthday with other note-worthy names. Also blowing out candles on the 24th of January are musicians Neil Diamond and Jools Holland, comedian Vic Reeves and the late Sir Bernard Matthews! Imagine this wonderfully eclectic bunch at the Comms Express birthday bash! Great music, plenty of laughs and some nice chicken drumsticks – bootiful!

Another event of note for the 24th of January concerns Apple. In 1984 the first Apple Macintosh went on sale. As we love a little factoid here, in case you didn’t know here is something you can impress your friends with: Apple Macintosh is an anagram of ‘laptop machines’. Cool hey? And I’m pleased to say that Comms Express is an anagram for delivering IT fast! Just as I dreamed it would be those eleven years ago.

Of course, we are here celebrating our eleventh year in business for two simple reasons, great customer support and the great team here at Comms Express.

I raise a glass to you all!

Until next time…