So with an estimated £141 million prize fund, the Euro Millions draw could make a few dreams come true!  But would it make you happy?

Don’t you just love the wise heads that say money cannot buy happiness? Of course, this is true. For true happiness to engulf you it has to be born from a firmer footing than some extra cash. That said mind I’m not sure I totally agree that a little extra money cannot buy you a little happiness.

Now I don’t want to get into personal finances and the state of the economy. There are of course deeper issues afoot.  We’ve all seen the unrest across the world as spending cuts and tax rises start to take hold. It will take a greater mind than mine to bring any kind of stability here.  I’ll leave that to the financial whizz kids making a great fist of it so far!

No, I’ll stick to the light-hearted dreams of winning the Euro Millions rollover draw. It certainly has got us talking at Comms Towers. What would you do if you won? Even a small stake in a syndicate would be nice!

How good would it feel to treat your nearest and dearest? Mortgages would be a thing of the past. For me, I’d love to do a little more for charities close to my heart. As with most of us, time is of the essence, each week the week just evaporates faster and goes by without me achieving all of my goals.

So for me, any sort of win would free up time. Of course, there would be that initial shock and the desire to treat oneself to a few toys. Who wouldn’t?  But I’d hope that sanity would prevail and a sort of equilibrium would bring the situation under control.

Be good to win wouldn’t it, share it around. As the old saying goes, “Money is like manure: Spread around, it helps things grow. Piled up in one place, it just stinks.”

Might speak on this again!