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The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have recently declared an climate emergency and are urgently asking companies globally to help.

Eaton are fully committed this cause, and to improving the quality of life and the environment, placing sustainability at the core of their mission.

To help to combat the threat of climate change Eaton have created a long time strategy to allow them to reach their 2030 goals.

This bold, comprehensive strategy is embedded into their core business strategy and is both measurable and auditable.

What are Eaton’s 2030 goals?

Doing business right and transparency

  • Disclose their performance using rigorous and credible global standards
  • Address key societal issues
  • Operate with integrity

Operational footprint

  • Focus on mitigating climate change and optimizing use of resources

Customer solutions

  • Help their customers achieve their sustainability goals
  • Accelerate the development of solutions for near- and long-term impact

Employee development and engagement

  • Utilize the ingenuity of their employees in solving sustainability challenges
  • Improve the communities in which we live and work


How to Eaton aim to reach these goals?

Doing Business Right and Transparency
Icon Safety Performance Achieve class-leading safety performance
• 0.25 Total Recordable Case Rate and 0.15 Days Away Case Rate
Icon Report ESG issues Report their ESG material issues in alignment with Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and Taskforce on Climate Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) requirements
Icon Share minority Share their minority and gender pay equity assurance results
Ensure no human rights violations from their key suppliers.
Operational Footprint
Icon Carbon Emissions Reduction Reduce their carbon emission from their operations by 50%
Icon Carbon Neutral Operations Achieve carbon neutral operations
Icon Zero waste to landfill Certify 100% of our manufacturing sites as zero waste-to-landfill
Icon Zero water discharge Certify 10% of their manufacturing sites as zero water discharge
Customer Solutions
Icon Reduce Scope 3 Emissions Provide world-leading power management solutions
Reduce Scope 3 emissions from their solutions and throughout our value chain 15%.
Employee Development and Engagement
Icon Scales with Your Business Achieve and maintain 80% or higher in employee engagement.
Icon Scales with Your Business Commit 12 hours of training and development for each employee every year
Icon Employee volunteer time Clock 250,000 hours of employee volunteer time annually


How will Eaton achieve these targets?

  • Eaton will establish a chartered executive sustainability council chaired by their CEO to oversee their strategy
  • Over the next 10 years Eaton plan to invest more than $3 billion to research and develop sustainable, energy-efficient solutions for customers
  • By implementing energy efficient solutions to their own operations, optimizing renewable energy generations and purchases, greening their energy contracts, and purchasing carbon offsets where necessary, Eaton aim to achieve science-based target* and carbon neutral operations
  • Continuously reduce their operational footprint by accelerating their zero waste-to-landfill initiative
  • Replicating their successful waste reduction approach to achieve their new water targets

*Science-based target is an objective, scientific evaluation on what is needed to limit catastrophic climate change and reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

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