Eaton’s Proactive Power Management Transforms Network For The University Of Winchester

Sean Ashford BA (Hons). Network and System Manager, The University of Winchester“The quality of service from the UPS systems was a critical factor in our choice of supplier, but more than that, it’s the support that Eaton brings in enabling us to monitor and manage our systems.”

Sean Ashford BA (Hons). Network and System Manager, The University of Winchester


The University of Winchester is one of the top-rated universities in the UK, ranked 10th for teaching excellence in 2016. It is a well-established university tracing its origins back to 1840, catering for approximately 6,500 students, and over the last decade has invested heavily in its facilities and infrastructure, including the development of a new teaching block and three student villages. In tandem with its investment in its facilities, the University is committed to building a modern virtualised IT infrastructure. Housed on the main campus, there is a datacenter which supports the core IT infrastructure for the University. Prior to Eaton’s involvement, the University’s network comprised of a competitor’s UPS systems, whose batteries had failed and were unable to provide the network resilience required.


The University had an urgent need to replace its existing smaller UPS units that were housed in student villages across the University and protected the Edge IT infrastructure, which is there to ensure availability of IT services to students around-the-clock. The existing units’ batteries had failed without warning, the first sign being noticeable fumes coming off the units, so the University’s IT team made the crucial decision to find a new provider for its UPS requirements. Crucially, the University wanted to avoid any future scenarios where this could happen again, so it needed its new UPS’s to enable it to monitor the condition of the batteries and provide proactive diagnostics. The University is moving towards a virtualised environment and wanted to take the opportunity to bring in power management software that could be integrated with its existing VMware servers so that it could manage the entire estate through a single pane of glass.


Fifty 5PX UPS and two 9SX UPS units to support network applications in student villages and a 93PM UPS in the central data centre. All UPS’s feature Eaton’s Advanced Battery Management (ABM) technology to extend the service life of UPS batteries. Virtualisation-ready Intelligent Power Management software helps monitor and manage power devices in the virtualised environment. Eaton’s Green Care UPS Service Contract gives five-years of protection through remote monitoring and preventative maintenance visits.


Eaton’s data centre solutions have enabled the University of Winchester to build an integrated and highly efficient infrastructure, with superior performance monitoring and management across the network. Above all for the University, the new solutions enable proactive maintenance to ensure business continuity and resilience.

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