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Whether you’re having trouble with space, time, or budget to build a traditional server closet, APC NetShelter Soundproof Racks is the solution to them all. This cost-effective alternative to server closets offers a quiet, elegant, all-in-one solution for your servers and networking equipment. Its sturdy, fan-cooled design is ideal for even the most dense IT gear!

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Office and storefront friendly Resilient and efficient Simple to deploy

• Ideal for bank branches, offices, healthcare facilities, classrooms, and retail spaces
• 2x the dynamic load strength, thermostat-control, cable management, and UL certification
• Engineered to be stronger and smarter without the need for dedicated IT staff

Design Highlights

Security, cooling, power, cable management – this soundproof rack comes with everything you need. All you’ll need to do is add your IT equipment!

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Tackles Noise and Overheating

Avoid noise complaints
Simply set your rack thermostat and the “whisper quiet” cabinet fans will remove any excess heat without the need for noisy server fans to turn on.
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APC NetShelter Soundproof Racks front to back air  image Keep equipment cool
Without the aid of air conditioning, each fan module is able to provide 1.2kW of efficient cooling.


1. Air is drawn into the rack through the edges and seams of the front door. 2. Air is pulled straight through to the inner equipment spaces where it will cool the equipment. As it begins to heat up from being passed front to back the brush strips will ensure it cannot recirculate.

3. The hot air is expelled by the thermostat-controlled rear door fans.
1. Air is drawn into the rack through the edges image 3. The hot air is expelled image


Tips for Best Performance

Optimize your cooling performance with these helpful tips:
• Separate and spread out your heat-generating equipment. This helps to balance the distribution of the thermal load.

• Leave around 6 in or 15 cm of space on each side of your enclosure. You can still push the back of the rack against a wall.

• Situate your enclosure in an air-conditioned environment. If possible, place it close to a room-level air intake to avoid heating the entire room with recirculated hot air.

• Adding a Netbotz or cloud based EcoStruxure envrionmental monitoring system, you can help to prevent downtime through remote monitoring and enabling notifications.

APC NetShelter Soundproof Enclosures

APC NetShelter Soundproof Enclosures
Specialized enclosures with integrated cooling, noise dampening, and power distribution for server and
network applications in office environments.


  • 2x more dynamic strength
  • Fans controlled by thermostat
  • Integrated cable manager
  • UL certification

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Complete the Solution

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