If your UPS is 3 or more years old, it’s time…

We all know the importance of a good UPS, they provide backup power as quickly as possible in the event of power loss and offer some degree of protection from power quality issues that may damage equipment. Whether you use your UPS in a home or office environment, it is vital to make sure the battery is always working properly. A UPS with a good battery can prevent huge data loss, which could save you, or your business, from loosing revenue, potential GDPR issues and having to rebuild your data base from scratch.

It’s a no brainer to replace your batteries once you get to the 3-5 year mark, but just in case you’re on the fence, here’s 5 signs that your UPS may need a new battery:

1.If your UPC is 3-5 years old:

The average cycle on most UPS batteries is 3-5 years. Whilst a UPS lifecycle can sometimes last up to 10 Years, it is better to be safe than sorry when dealing with a UPS that supports critical IT devices. As long as your requirements haven’t changed, a replacement battery will be all you need to keep you safe. However, if you’ve expanded or the devices you’re protecting have changed, it could be time to upgrade to a newer & smarter UPS. Shop our full range of APC UPS here.

2. If your UPS starts beeping or displaying warning lights:

Your UPS starts beeping or displaying warning lights: We are all guilty of sometimes bypassing warning lights or signals, however with a UPS it is important to check these regularly. If either of these issues occur, it is vital to get your UPS tested and if appropriate, the batteries replaced. Failing to keep your device functioning could do more harm than good in the long run, so you have to ask if the price of a replacement battery is worth the risk of losing your critical devices?

3. A shorter battery life than expected:

If your battery life doesn’t last as long as you expected or was advised, then this may demonstrate that the battery was faulty from the beginning. Many factors can affect how long a battery lasts within a UPS, however if the battery life is starting to fail then it’s a sign you need to replace the battery now.

4. Some systems go offline within a power outage:

This is a fairly obvious sign that your UPS battery is starting to or has already died. The next time you have a power outage be sure to go round your house or office and double check that all of the systems you need are still live and connected from your UPS.

5. The UPS lives in a warm environment:

Any form of heat around a UPS can drastically affect the battery life. Keeping your UPS in a cool, dry & well ventilated environment is crucial for its performance and longevity. If you have concerns about the environment of your UPS and whether this will affect your battery life then you can perform a battery test to assure that the battery life has not diminished.

An Environmentally Conscious Choice

An APC replacement battery cartridge offers a seamless solution, providing you with a comprehensive assembly for effortless hot-swap installation. But that’s not all – their commitment to sustainability extends beyond the replacement process. With every purchase of an APC replacement battery cartridge, you’ll enjoy the added benefit of pre-paid postage to a nearby recycling partner, ensuring responsible and eco-friendly disposal of your old batteries. Each replacement battery cartridge comes in reusable packaging accompanied by clear, disposable instructions. This not only facilitates a hassle-free installation but also minimises waste, aligning with our dedication to eco-conscious practices. Choose the APC replacement battery cartridge for an easy UPS maintenance solution that not only rejuvenates your power backup system but also demonstrates our commitment to environmentally conscious choices.