Here at Comms Express we were discussing just how far technology has progressed over the last thirty or so years, computer in particular of course! Granted we’re not chasing around on Hoverboards ala Marty McFly in Back to the Future but perhaps we’ve seen something as good – the World Wide Web. Since that first critical proposal written by Sir Tim Berners Lee in 1989 and the eventual inception of the World Wide Web, by the Christmas of 1990 our world has changed beyond all perception, suddenly the Internet had a viable service to run on, and the world had just got smaller.

Today where would be without the ability to send and receive emails? Where would we be without the capability to communicate with loved ones or work colleagues via Skype? Where would we be without the ability to share our lives with friends and create dialogue with companies and brands via Facebook and Twitter and the ever increasing Social Media tools open to us today? Real time news changed the way we accessed news. Now real social change was witnessed across the globe with the aid of uploading social injustices via YouTube and the internet. Reports recently tell us that new ‘Minority Report’ style software used by the West Midlands police force can predict the probability of future crimes. With early trials in Los Angeles proving promising could this be a case of art influencing our future?  All made possible by WWW.  

Speaking of films, we’ve all seen those sci-fi films, the ones with a huge room full of servers, all servicing one little computer.  Now of course all that is achieved via our android phones, via iPads and today’s home PC, virtually unrecognisable when seen against the first incarnation of the home PC. Who had a Commodore 64? It is said that virtually every household owned a copy of Dire Straits ‘Brothers in Arms’ and so it was with the Commodore, with some 17 million systems sold: astonishing.

But as I said at the top of this blog, where would the computer be without the World Wide Web? Three W’s changed our futures forever. Now if we need to fix something we can look it up on the internet. If we need to access news or the sports results we can look it up on the internet. If we need to know if the forthcoming weekend’s weather looks clear we can look it up on the internet. And yet it never ceases to amaze me that we can make this journey on the internet possible by rather simple means, Network Cables! So all this joy, this brave new world, starts and ends via a little lead on your PC so as you can connect with the Internet. A Network Cable is made up of eight colour-coded wires: orange, orange/white, green, green/white, brown, brown/white, blue and blue/white, these wires are twisted into 4 pairs according to their colour schemes and this little cocktail of wires makes the transmitting of data possible. Pretty impressive for something we all take for granted.   

Advancement indeed!

Until next time