Our foray into social media has been fun! Yes, it is true we’ve arrived a little later than some to the party but we like to think we are just fashionably late!

Facebook and Twitter were once deemed to be the temples that the ‘yoof’ prayed at yet are now a wonderful way for companies such as mine to connect, listen and interact with their customers and suppliers. Yes, change can be frightening and this form of communication has indeed been a change, yet in no way frightening.

I have to say that we as a team have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We set ourselves the target of opening up our Facebook wall and to attract more of a community, in Facebook parlance more ‘Likes’. For this, we’ve offered up a 10% discount off next orders and it has really seen an upsurge in Facebook ‘Likes’.

Ours is primarily an Internet-based business and with so many of us using the Internet for work and pleasure it made perfect sense to increase our presence across the social media spectrum.

We also sent out the 10% off Facebook campaign out via e-shot and advertised it on our website. Now previously if we were to offer up a discount of this manner these were the routes in which we took to highlight any offers, and of course print media. Now, of course, the print media route incurred a cost against it to advertise within the chosen magazine or paper. Now I am not one that subscribes to the mantra that all print is dead, long live the print. No, I still like to have something tangible to read, however, there is no denying that these forms of offerings have had to change with the times.

So our offer went out at my behest at the touch of a button and instantly our message was picking up traction, which was lovely to see. Now as we progress we want our community to use your opportunity to talk to us via social media, whether it be Facebook, Twitter or in response to my worries in this blog. What was once a hard-working yet faceless company can now create a personality. We can become more transparent in our business; such is the instantaneous nature of this form of communication. We, of course, work hard and take our work seriously yet there is also time for a little joviality in our day and we like to express this via Twitter and Facebook.

So we’ve snatched it away from the ‘yoof’ and we’re embracing social media, of course, to increase sales yet also to engage and inform and have a little fun in the process.

And of course, all these social media opportunities are made possible by cables (you knew I was going to get round to it didn’t you?!) Who knew cables could be so much fun!