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In Stock: 7-10 Days
£579.60 Inc VAT
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Fluke Networks TS54 PRO Test Set

by Fluke Networks
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Part No:FLTS54-A-09-TDR
Manufacturer No:TS54-A-09-TDR
Delivery: In Stock: 7-10 Days
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    Fluke Networks TS54 PRO Test Set
    A three-in-one—TDR, toner and pair identifier—premium, VDV test set
    Ten testing functions include:
    • TDR – find cable length measurement and locate faults on virtually all types of cable including twisted pair, coaxial, and parallel conductors
    • Toner – five separate tones for fast and easy differentiation between multiple wire pairs
    • SmartTone® – short the correct pair and tone changes for exact pair identification
    • Data indication – warns when data is present on the line
    • Voltage indication/measurement – identifies potential line problems
    • Current (mA) indication/measurement – verifies sufficient line current
    • Caller-ID with Call Waiting CID – verifies functional service
    • DTMF Digit Grabbing – isolates faulty customer premise equipment
    • Detects dial tone, places and receives calls
    • Polarity

    Fluke Networks’ new TS52 PRO Test Set features the latest in test set technology. Designed with a superior, radiant liquid crystal display (LCD) user interface, it allows you to see what cannot be heard in any outside plant environment.

    The innovative TS®54 TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer) is perfect for voice, data and video technicians and communication service provider technicians who need a best-in-class test set. There’s nothing else like the TS54 TDR on the market today. No longer will you need to carry a separate TDR, toner, pair identifier—everything you need is in one newly redesigned and compact test set—that’s a 62% weight reduction and a 20% cost reduction over existing products.

    The TS54 delivers 20% more extreme weather protection with the latest advancements to our patented RainSafe™, DropSafe™ and DataSafe™ technology. This means the TS54 is weatherproof and rugged and able to butt in on live DSL lines to test POTS quality without crashing data service.

    Telephone Test Set Comparison

    TS54 TDR Telephone Test Set

    TS52 PRO Telephone Test Set

    TS22A Telephone Test Set

    TS22A Telephone Test Set

    TS25D Telephone Test Set

    TS30 / TS120 Telephone Test Set

    TS19 Telephone Test Set

      TS®54 TDR TS®52 PRO TS®22A TS®22 TS®25D TS®30 /
    TDR for distance to Open, Shorts            
    Built-in toner            
    Display—back lit LCD and glow-in-the-the dark keypad     LCD only    
    Extended range highimpedance DataSafe operation in monitor mode        
    High-impedance DataSafe operation in monitor mode  
    Data lockout protection        
    DSL/POTS filtering technology        
    Low/high voltage indication        
    Low current (mA) indication        
    Over voltage and current protection  
    Waterproof—exceeds American Military Spec. MIL-STD-810E          
    RainSafe—safe in severe weather conditions    
    DropSafe—passes 20 foot (6 meter) drop test onto concrete    
    Stores nine 18-digit numbers in repertory dialer (speed dialing)    
    *TS120 for outside North America only. 67/33 break/make ratio.
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