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£926.11 Inc VAT
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APC AP8958EU3 Switched Rack PDU

APC Switched Rack PDU 2G, 16A, 230V, (7)C13 & (1)C19, IEC309 Cord

by APC
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Part No:FEAP8958EU3
Manufacturer No:AP8958EU3
Delivery: In Stock: Next Day
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    APC AP8958EU3 Switched Rack PDU
    APC Switched Rack PDU 2G, 16A, 230V, (7)C13 & (1)C19, IEC309 Cord

    The AP8958EU3 Rack PDU platform will help IT and facilities managers more effectively manage power capacity and functionality for critical network, server, and data centre equipment. The Switched Rack PDUs provide advanced load monitoring combined with remote on/off switching control of individual outlets for power cycling, delayed power sequencing and outlet use management and solve rack-level power needs while incorporating intelligent features such as real power measurement and environmental monitoring, all in a space efficient, zero-U form factor. AP8000 Series Rack PDUs include active power metering and remote alarming with volts, amps, real power (kW), and energy (kWh) measurements.

    The AP8958EU3 has seven (7) IEC-C13, one (1) C19 outlets and one (1) IEC309 16A  input


    1. User Interface display for local access

    2. Environmental monitoring port for external temperature/humidity probe

    3. Local USB port for flash firmware updates and downloading data/event logs (not to be used as serial port)

    4. CAN In/Out ports for network port sharing

    5. 7 x IEC320 C13 & 1 x IEC320 C19 Outlets

    6. 3 metre power cord terminates with an IEC309 16A input connector.

    Design Features:

    • Ultra-low-profile, space-saving design
    • Locking IEC receptacles and locking power cord compatible
    • Environmental monitoring port for external temperature/humidity monitoring
    Network Management Capabilities:
    • Full-featured network management interfaces that provide standards-based management via Web, SNMP, and Telnet. Allows users to access, configure, and manage rack PDUs from remote locations to save valuable time. Associated with this feature is the ability to quickly and easily upgrade the firmware via network download to installed units for future product enhancements.
    • Network Port Sharing (Up to four rack PDUs share one IP address in one enclosure)
    Remote Individual Outlet Control:
    • Remotely manage outlets so users can turn outlets off that are not in use (prevent overloads) or recycle power to locked-up equipment (minimize costly downtime and avoid travel time to equipment).
    Alarm Thresholds:
    • Define alarm thresholds in order to avoid overloaded circuits. Network and visual alarms inform the user of possible problems.
    Power Delays:
    • Allows users to configure the sequence in which power is turned on or off for each outlet. This helps avoid in-rushes at start-up, which can cause overloaded circuits and dropped loads. Sequencing also allows users to predetermine which piece of equipment is turned on first so other equipment dependant on that unit will function properly.
    Local Current Monitoring Display:
    • The aggregate current draw per rack PDU is displayed on the unit via a digital display. The local digital display helps installers avoid overloaded circuits by providing a visible warning when the current draw is close to the maximum amperage draw of the strip.
    Metering Capability:
    • Active current measurements (amps)
    • Active power measurements (Including volts, amps, real power (kW), and energy (kWh)
    • User customizable alarms and warnings
    • Embedded log memory to record/review/report historic metered data
    Flash Upgradeable:
    • Quickly and easily upgrade firmware via network download for future product enhancements. Eliminates the need to replace products already installed in the field when new features are released. (Note: Networked units only)
    Integrates with StruxureWare Data Center Expert:
    • An IT-ready, scalable access monitoring system that collects, organizes, and distributes critical alerts, surveillance video and key information, providing a unified view of complex physical infrastructure environments from anywhere on the network
    Includes: Installation guide, Rack Mounting brackets, Safety guide, Serial configuration cable

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