A punch-down module is a single unit that houses 110 or krone-type punch-down connectors for the distribution of telecommunication systems. Often used in telephony or datacom applications, a punch-down module places wiring throughout numerous areas of one location, such as a home or an office. A punch-down telecommunications module commonly terminates incoming and distributes outgoing telephone lines. Cat5e and Category 6 cabling can also terminate in a punch-down patch panel with standard port designs. Panel punch-downs of solid or stranded wire are completed with a designated tool. Modules or panels with Krone and 110 punch-down connections feature insulation-displacement connectors (IDC). The electrical connector sends a blade(s) through the insulation of a cable or wire, making contact with the conductor underneath. This process eliminates stripping wire before making a connection.

Krone-Style Connectors

The Krone-style connector is a standard European/UK connector that is an option to the 110 punch-down connector. Compared to the 110s, Krone type connectors have open-ended contact slots at a 45-degree angle to the wire. Copper wire is punched down into the slots. A krone-style punch down tool can connect wires to the IDC contacts on module or patch panel outlets.

Modules with 110 Punchdown Connectors

Within a cabling system, a module with 110 punch-down connectors provides the housing for sets of wires. The 110 type of connector can cut through insulation as it is used to terminate twisted pair cables. A single 110-style punch-down module can distribute wiring to a series of outlets throughout one location. Cable runs can terminate in modules with 110 connectors which are on the back of patch panels. Modules are available to meet Category 5e and 6 specifications.

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