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IPv4 stands for Internet Protocol Version 4. It is commonly used to define addresses in a 32-bit format.

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VoIP | What is VoIP and how can it benefit businesses?

In simple terms, VoIP transmits your voice calls over the internet, allowing businesses to streamline communication on a single network for cost savings, enhanced security, and improved privacy. Key Takeaways: VoIP leverages the internet for phone calls, merging voice and data communication onto one network. Businesses benefit from cost savings, increased security, and enhanced privacy with VoIP. Q: What is VoIP and […]

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Remote Management

You can remotely manage and monitor an advanced UPS system. Or shop for a switched PDU that streamlines remote reboots.

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Network/Ethernet Switches

Reliable network Ethernet switches from a variety of manufacturers, offering reliable packet switching for networking needs ranging from home use to the enterprise.

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Information to know about the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption and SSL certificates. SSL is a security protocol.

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Routing is the process of transporting a data packet across a network to its destination. The router is the device that connects two or more networks.

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