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Remote Management

You can remotely manage and monitor an advanced UPS system. Or shop for a switched PDU that streamlines remote reboots.

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Standby UPS

Learn about Standby UPS units for consumer or professional device and data protection. Battery-powered devices can detect an outage and supply electricity.

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On-line UPS

Look at Online UPS solutions with zero transfer times. These uninterruptible power sources deliver backup power for device protection.

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Line Interactive UPS

A Line Interactive UPS powers equipment during the brownout or blackout, without battery drainage. Understand uninterruptible power sources that correct high voltage.

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Learn about Volt-Ampere (VA) ratings on Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units to prevent overloads.

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Cisco StackWise

Catalyst Switch Stacks can be created using Cisco StackWise. Multiple switches become a logical switching stack with the technologies.

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