An outdoor-ready camera is built specifically for exterior imaging. This category of surveillance equipment is ready for outdoor installation and can operate within a wide range of temperatures. It features weather-resistant camera housing. Outdoor surveillance cameras are designed for ease of exterior installation and simple maintenance. Power over Ethernet capabilities can simplify deployment. An IP66 rating is often listed on outdoor-ready models. This designation tells users to what degree foreign objects and liquids will access the unit. Outdoor network cameras frequently serve as day and night cameras with multiple features. Models are available in fixed camera and pan/tilt/zoom camera designs.

What is the IP66 Camera Rating?

The IP66 camera rating defines to what degree a model can prevent the entry of unwanted, outside contaminants, including dust. The IP stands for ingress protection, with ingress defined as the act of entering. In reference to IP66-compliant outdoor cameras, the first 6 in the rating means that the camera is able to keep foreign bodies – equivalent to the size of dust – from entering the unit. The second 6 in the IP rating describes the camera’s ability to resist liquids. The highest possible rating for the second number is 8, which corresponds to no water entering even with camera submersion. A 6 represents protection from heavy liquid exposure.

Weatherproof Outdoor Surveillance Systems

Exterior applications require weatherproof outdoor surveillance, including durable cameras that capture snapshots and video. Weatherproof network cameras are built to perform even in harsh climates. Most provide dust-tight designs that also protect the camera from sprays, splashes and jets of water. Since outdoor-ready camera models vary, Comms Express can provide details on functionality and features.

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