USystems has designed and produced a range of highly efficient soundproofed cabinets for all office environments – ideal for any working environment where noise from active IT equipment is distracting or invasive. This can have the added benefit of saving space and capital expenditure as there is no need to build a dedicated comms or server room separate to the office.

High Performance Soundproof Cabinets
Keeping IT quiet and cool


The UCoustic 9210 soundproof enclosure is available in active or passive configuration and three heights – 12U, 24U and 42U; all are 780 mm wide and 1100 mm deep. Active cabinets have two centrifugal fans in the rear doors to deal with higher heat loads – to ensure maximum energy efficiency, they are fitted with variable fan speed controls and temperature sensors. Passive cabinets utilise the IT equipment fans to draw ambient air from the front and then rely upon the temperature differential between the cabinet IT equipment space and the room ambient temperature.

Key features

  • Wardrobe style front and rear doors on active and passive cabinets
  • Active rear doors contain one centrifugal fan in each door; each fan has a speed controller and temperature sensor.
  • Fully adjustable 19” mounting angles fitted front and rear
  • Soundproof cable entry system
  • Six cable entry points via removable gland plates, three at the top and three at the bottom.
  • Load bearing castors
  • For maintaining the IT equipment, all doors and panels are easy to remove and refit
  • Cabinets are finished in USpace Black with Montana Blue highlights


What You Hear

The sound of IT equipment emanating from a UCoustic data cabinet is significantly quieter – by 28.5 dBA – than from a normal server cabinet, which no other soundproofed cabinet can match.

9210 Executive cabinets

Signature UCoustic cabinets for boardroom and office

The Executive cabinet comprises the same specification as the standard 9210 UCoustic with the additional option of a real wood finish to blend elegantly with other office furniture – without compromising decibel attenuation, psychoacoustics, thermal performance or cabinet strength.

Proof Of Quietness

Understanding how sound is created and escapes from a standard data cabinet

The UCoustic cabinets are quieter than other soundproof cabinets due to their superior design.

To achieve this, we have invested heavily in research and development and the best, most effective acoustic materials. We also looked at what makes the noise in a cabinet, how it escapes, where it escapes

from and what type of noise it is. Only by thoroughly understanding all these factors were our engineers able to design and construct a class-leading soundproof cabinet. The type of sound – known as psychoacoustics – is as important as sound reduction, for it is concerned with the perception of sound: just because the noise level has been reduced, it doesn’t mean that the ‘new’ noise is pleasant on the ear. The design of the UCoustic cabinet eliminates offensive frequencies, so ensuring that the noise you hear is as pleasant as possible.

Independently tested by MIRA

To prove that the UCoustic cabinet really is as quiet as we claim, we had it independently test by MIRA, the UK’s premier motor industry centre for engineering test and design, who are experts on advising vehicle manufacturers how to minimise in-vehicle sounds. They assessed the UCoustic cabinet for sound power measurement in accordance with ISO 3744 – in comparison with a standard data cabinet (see graph), it proved that UCoustic cabinets are significantly quieter.

Internal Dimensions

External Dimensions and Weights