Stackable Switches

Reliable stackable switches operate independently or in conjunction with other switches. A stackable switch is a set of switches which have been stacked to serve as a single network switch, which can be managed as one larger device. When switches are stacked their port capacities are combined, resulting in a larger total capacity. Each stacked unit in the network can be managed remotely through one IP address. Stackable switches are managed switches which are frequently mounted on network racks. They can be Ethernet switches with a fixed set of data ports. Some stackable switch models offer flexible designs. The most common configurations feature 24 or 48 ports.

Aggregating Routers and Switches for Quality Performance

When managed switches are aggregated, the resulting stacked system acts as a single unit. So aggregating routers and switches simplifies the management of network operations. The stacked switches communicate with one another through their ports and support high-performance applications. Many stackable switches have the versatility to allow for future network expansions. There are managed switch stackables available with a full range of features and the ability to support Power over Ethernet device connections.

Networking Equipment Management Solutions

Resources play a pivotal role in the scalability and performance of a network. That is why networking equipment management includes comparing chassis-based and stackable switches in reference to network requirements. Stackable solutions can be scaled up with the addition of new units. Both stackable and modular chassis units offer the benefit of single-system management, though stackable networking equipment may require a lower financial investment initially.

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