A digital ammeter is an instrument that measures the flow of an electrical current in a circuit. The measurements are given in amperes, the unit for measuring electrical current. Power Distribution Units (PDUs) distribute power to multiple devices through a single electrical source. PDUs with digital ammeter displays report the aggregate current load on the device. This load reading is displayed in real-time. Metered PDUs include local, digital ammeters in their designs. Rack-mounted metered PDUs can deliver monitoring accuracy for data centre environments. These metered devices digitally display measurements for rapid monitoring on the rack.

A PDU with a Digital Ammeter

By having a PDU with a digital ammeter, administrators can easily monitor the total circuit load on the power distribution unit. When installers know this flow amount, they are able to avoid circuit overloads. PDU metering capabilities also allow administrators to easily check actual power consumption at any given moment. With this information, equipment additions can be planned in reference to current loads. In mission-critical environments, digital ammeter information from multiple PDUs, including branch circuit loads, can be accessed using a Monitored PDU system.

Metered PDUs Display Current Measurements

The most basic PDUs do not include ammeters. They distribute power without monitoring. Metered PDUs provide local monitoring through the unit’s ammeter. Monitored PDU and Switched PDU models also use an attached local ammeter to measure circuit information, but this information can be remotely monitored via IP. Comms Express specialises in providing PDUs with digital ammeter displays. The units are available with UK plug sockets or C13 sockets.