What are Standard Euro-Size RJ45 Modules?

Standard Euro-size RJ45 modules are single units designed for structured cabling systems in voice and data applications. These modules adhere to specific performance specifications and come in a standard European size of 50mm x 25mm, also known as “Euromod.” This size differs from LJ6C modules. Both voice and UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cable modules are available in Euro-size.

Benefits of Euro-Size RJ45 Modules:

  • Standardized size: Ensures compatibility with Euro-size faceplates for single, double, or quadruple module configurations.
  • Wide range of applications: Supports various environments requiring numerous connections.
  • Industry compliance: Manufactured to meet professional and industry standards.
  • Easy installation: Often come with color-coded wiring schemes and port labeling systems for clear identification.
  • High-speed performance: Cat5e and Cat6 Euromod designs comply with performance specifications for demanding LANs.

What are Euromod Faceplates?

Euro-size faceplates come in various dimensions to accommodate single, double, or quadruple module insertions. For instance, a dual-module faceplate will have a 50mm x 50mm aperture. Many vendors offer kits containing both faceplates and modules for convenience.

Key features to Consider When Choosing Euro-Size RJ45 Modules:

  • Wire compatibility: Solid or stranded wire support.
  • Wiring scheme: T568A or T568B compatibility.
  • Performance category: Cat5e or Cat6 for high-speed networks.
  • Termination tools: Compatibility with specific tools for installation.

Looking for More Information?

Contact Comms Express for any questions regarding Euro-size or LJ6C modules. We offer a CE range of Cat5e, Cat6, and Voice RJ45 UTP modules with shuttered apertures, low-profile designs, and availability in both Euromod and LJ6C sizes (data modules only). Our modules are also pre-assembled in single and double gang faceplates for faster installation and are all compliant with current standards.

  • What size is a standard Euro-size RJ45 module?

Standard Euro-size RJ45 modules measure 50mm x 25mm.

  • What is the difference between Euro-size and LJ6C RJ45 modules?

Euro-size modules are 50mm x 25mm, while LJ6C modules are a different size (typically 37mm x 22mm).

  • What are the benefits of Euro-size RJ45 modules?

Euro-size modules offer a standardized size for compatibility with faceplates, support various applications, comply with industry standards, and are often easy to install with color-coded wiring and labeling.

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