A Secondary Voice socket is an internal telephone wiring extension. It is a connection medium but does not have all of the components of a master socket, such as a capacitor and a resistor. However, modules are available with secondary, PSTN Master, or PABX Master features. These modules are single, contained outlet units that support voice communication connections. The modules utilise an Insulation-Displacement Connector (IDC) wiring process. Master or secondary voice modules come in standard Euro and 6c designs. The Euro and 6c sizes differ in dimensions, which can affect module placement.

6C Secondary Voice Modules

A wiring module provides the housing for an assembly of connections associated with a media or voice system. The size of a 6c secondary voice module makes it an installation option for many floor plates, as well as wallplate insertions. Like their slightly larger Euro-sized counterparts, the 6c voice module can feature the Line Jack Unit (LJU) voice socket and IDC contacts. Contractors can choose between the 6c and Euro size modules depending upon the installation environment.

Eurosize Secondary Type Voice Modules

A standard Eurosize secondary type voice module will have the 50x25mm overall dimension specification and snap into a corresponding Eurosize faceplate. Standard features are found on the Euro-style secondary voice module, such as a right polarised socket, though left sockets are also available. Voice module formats include Secondary Voice, PSTN and PABX. Comms Express representatives can assist with both voice units and UTP modules in standard European designs.

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