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We’ve all heard the popular saying ‘if all else fails, reboot’.

Whilst this usually does the trick, it’s often easier said than done.

Manually unplugging the frozen device and plugging it back in seems simple enough, but in busy environments, with cramped wires, it is easy to unplug the wrong one by mistake. If the wrong device is unplugged you’ve just added another problem to your list.

What about if the device is in a remote location? Edge computing sites, or even in offices where the staff work from home, often mean there isn’t anyone around to unplug the device. Sure, you could go in, or send an IT person, to do this but it turns a short task into a time-consuming mission. Plus, once someone is there, you are then faced with issue one again with the wrong plug being pulled.

While this may seem silly, the scenario is far more common than you think. It is clear that a remote reboot system would solve all of these problems, but unfortunately, this has still caused complications in the past through trying to manage so much equipment from afar.

Thankfully, a solution has been found! Whilst remote rebooting for all devices was difficult to manage, remote rebooting through your UPS simplifies the process. This makes remote rebooting easy, manageable, and free from human error!

UPS-Controlled Reboot

By using your UPS to reboot your connected equipment allows IT managers to use the internet or cloud connection to virtually unplug a piece of equipment and plug it back in. This eliminates the need for anyone to physically visit the site during problems, saving time on travelling and allowing you to focus on what’s really important.

Market need driving reboot capabilities

The need for remote rebooting capabilities is continuing to grow, with 82% of Schneider Electric customers asking for this perk in their most recent polls. This feature will allow companies to resolve issues remotely and gather information for troubleshooting.

APC SmartConnect

Enjoy remote rebooting with APC’s SmartConnect Advanced Plan cloud service. Whilst this alone would be beneficial to all businesses, SmartConnect also comes with remote power monitoring and diagnostics, customizable email notifications, and firmware updates.


APC Smart UPS with SmartConnect

At Comms Express we have a wide range of APC Smart-UPS models that come with Smart Connect!


with SmartConnect

APC Smart-UPS with SmartConnect
Unlike traditional UPS systems, the Smart-UPS will seamlessly integrate with your network. Enjoy better visibility into the health and performance of your UPS and real time battery status updates with a UPS that includes higher accessibility, enhanced performance, and increased reliability. With APC SmartConnect feature you will also be able to view the status of your UPS through a secure web portal and receive automatic notifications, firmware updates, and advanced support.


  • Adjustable voltage sensitivity & transfer points
  • Power conditioning
  • Intelligent battery management
  • Secure, remote monitoring
  • Predictive failure and disconnected battery notifications
  • Temperature-compensated battery charging

Buy APC Smart-UPS with SmartConnect


This is just a brief look at the APC UPS Range, if you require more Schneider Electric equipment for your business, you can check our Schneider Electric microsite for a wide range of APC products to suit your needs.


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