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DrayTek Acess Points ship with an external power supply

Access points are brilliant devices to boost LAN capability and extend wireless coverage. With an access point linked, you can increase the number of users connected to the internet across your network.

Over the years, we have witnessed manufacturers develop protocols to improve access points wireless capabilities and enable them to be powered by Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) switches. PoE technology allow a switch to power PoE-enabled device, such as IP phones, wireless access points or IP cameras over the Ethernet cable.

As well as removing the need for local (at the desk) power supplies, making for tidier installations, PoE ensures power efficiency – providing only the power needed, allowing for time schedules for powering up/down and remote rebooting. Power is provided only when required and allows for installation of devices where there is no mains power, particularly useful for wireless access points. For instance, a PoE port on a DrayTek VigorSwitch supports both IEEE 802.3af PoE and 802.3at PoE+ (up to 30 watts per port).

PoE technology works so well, that most manufacturers took the cost-cutting measure to slowly phase out shipping external power supplies.

psu vigor912c
DC 12V via external 100-240v AC/DC PSU

Enter 2021 –  and the start of the global microchip shortage. 

As COVID 19 sent country after country into lockdown, demand for certain items – like cars – declined, and the demand for other items –like home equipment, computers, and IoT devices – surged.  Coupled with a few random production line problems, and bingo – global microchip shortage.  You can read a good summary of the crisis here. This has greatly affected the availability of networking equipment. Currently, there is a major shortage of PoE switches across the UK and Ireland.

If the lack of PoE switches is affecting your upcoming projects, consider this workaround solution. Most of DrayTek access points still ship with an external power supply.

This is a great solution that means you can install an access point today –  and keep revenue coming in.   Then, when stock levels are back to normal, add the appropriate PoE switch to your network configuration.  It is a bit more work, but consider the alternative and the cost to your business waiting around for stock?

Don’t delay your wireless projects.

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