So how were your summer holidays? Holidays can mean many different things to all of us: relaxation/energetic endeavours, sun/rain, great food/bad food, hotel/tent – whatever your way of spending your summer holiday one thing for sure is that there will be a snap shot or two involved.

We all love taking a picture and nowadays with the advent of digital photography we can edit on the go and store forever for prosperity. However sometimes this can cause its own headaches. Our phones, tablets and PC’s are groaning under the weight. Thankfully help is on hand for both holiday makers and businesses alike.

Our good friends at Western Digital are now offering up Gold hard drives with up to 10TB of storage. Okay this maybe a little too much for the average user but we offer up a number of Western Digital hard drives.

Let’s take a look at a few.

Western Digital 1TB Red 64MB 3.5 Desktop Sata 6GB

FEWD10EFRX WD Red offers enhanced dual-plane balance control technology significantly improves the overall drive performance and reliability. Hard drives that are not properly balanced may cause excessive vibration and noise in a multi-drive system, reduce the hard drivelife span, and degrade the performance over time.

Western Digital 6TB Red 64MB 3.5 Desktop Sata 6GB

FEWD60EFRX WD Red is designed specifically for NAS systems that have 1 to 8 drive bays in 3.5-inch form factor. The drives are designed and extensively tested for compatibility in the unique 24×7 operating environment and for the demanding system requirements of home and small office NAS.

For those of you wishing to add more than some holiday snaps we have the solution with

Western Digital 2TB Red Pro 128MB 3.5 Desktop Sata 6GB

Joining the original colour of NAS, FEWD2001FFSX WD Red Pro continues the formula of success that has led the WD Red product family by adding support beyond consumer and small business markets into medium and large 8-16 bay business storage systems. WD Red Pro hard drives integrate WD’s exclusive technology, NASware, to provide unparalleled support for drive compatibility, reliability, and performance.

Western Digital 4TB Red Pro 128MB 3.5 Desktop Sata 6GB

Designed specifically with SMB customers in mind the WD Red family has expanded with the addition of WD Red Pro, which is available for up to 16 bay medium to large-scale NAS environments. With capacities up to 6 TB, WD Red Pro carries a 5-year limited warranty and was engineered to handle the increased workloads from your business. The FEWD2001FFSX offers good balance of performance and capacity.

The other great news is that they all come with the Comms Express Free Delivery and 10% off USB Leads !

You can combine your WD Red drive with Synology DiskStation NAS. The two organisations have built up a great working relationship which only bodes well for us, the consumer! This will provide users with reliable solutions that grow with your storage demands, and efficiently centralise and share your data.

WD Red and Red Pro hard drives are designed specifically for NAS servers, aiming to deliver fine-tuned power and performance for home and business users alike. In addition to larger storage capacity, NASware® 3.0 technology supports up to 8 bays for WD Red drives and 16 bays for WD Red Pro drives, as well as enhanced reliability, system performance, and easier integration.

The new WD Red and WD Red Pro NAS hard drives are fully tested and compatible with Synology. FEWD10JFCX, FEWD10EFRX, FEWD20EFRX, FEWD30EFRX, FEWD50EFRX, FEWD60EFRX and FEWD80EFZX working with Synology NAS systems, offering comprehensive storage solutions to the NAS market”

Things certainly look bright for Western Digital with Company CEO Steve Milligan optimistic for the forthcoming year: “With the combination of SanDisk and our WD and HGST subsidiaries, we are well-positioned to capture global opportunities through our full portfolio of products for data centre, client device and client solution end markets.”

Until next time…