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Supporting all the applications involved within data centres is coming a complex task. Then, when it comes to Edge computing, it can become even more complex with no on-site IT support to rely on.

Whilst Edge Computing can have many benefits, it makes it more important than ever to ensure you have network backup power. Outages are costly and damaging at the best of times, let alone without IT support on-site to rectify the issue immediately.

Edge Challenges

  • Limited Budget
  • Lack of skilled IT resources onsite
  • Little to no cooling
  • Space-constrained environments
  • Demand for high availability
  • Need for remote management

Q: So how can you ensure outages don’t happen?

A: An uninterruptible power supply (UPS), often known as a battery back-up, is a rechargeable battery used to back-up your main power feed. This seamlessly switches your devices from main power to the UPS when a power outage occurs to ensure the device can continue running as normal. They also help to protect against power fluctuations, surges, and other power problems.

The right UPS solution can provide:

  • Protection for your valuable business assets and data
  • Peace of mind regarding power management in remote locations
  • Improvements to business efficiency

Types of UPS Configurations

Great, so now you know why a UPS is helpful!

Next step is figuring out which UPS system configuration is best suited for your needs.

The system configuration of a UPS refers to how power moves through the UPS. Each technology has its own advantages depending on what you need a UPS for.

When selecting a UPS for your Edge environment consider the following:
1. Determine the size of the load the UPS will be protecting. This will let you know the UPS capacity you’ll be after.
2. Pure versus simulated sinewaves.
3. Runtime. This will relate to your UPS capacity vs load.
4. Installation requirements.
5. Environmental challenges.
6. Battery chemistry. Do you want a UPS with lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries.

But what are the types of UPS configurations? The three main types include online double conversion, line-interactive, and standby. Let’s see which type is best for you!

Online Double Conversion UPS

An online UPS system is often referred to as a double conversion UPS as it converts the incoming power from alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) and then back to AC again.

AC power is clean and stable upon generation, but be subject to voltage sags, spikes, and complete failure during transmission. This can cause data loss, interrupt computer operations, or damage your equipment.

By converting back and forth between the currents, this UPS is able to increase the degree of isolation of the load from irregularities in the main supply.

Because the power is running continually through the UPS, the output produced is a perfect sine wave. The online double conversion UPS offers the highest level of security for your network, protecting the critical load from virtually all power disturbances.

Why it is right for edge?
Online double conversion UPS technology provides the highest level of power conditioning and protection for critical business IT systems.

  • Continuous, high-quality AC power to equipment with no break
  • Equipment protection from virtually all power disturbances
  • 100% power conditioning
  • Zero transfer time to battery and no change in output voltage


Line-Interactive UPS

Get both power conditioning and battery backup in one with any line-interactive UPS system. This type of UPS technology is most effective in areas where outages are rare but power fluctuations are common.

Compared to offline systems, line-interactive UPS provide much better power fluctuation control. Their biggest advantage is the voltage boost circuitry and the range of input voltage the UPS is able to accept. The wider the range, the more total protection you have.

Why it is right for edge?

  • Provides both battery backup and power conditioning
  • Greater control over power fluctuations
  • Balance between reasonable protection and moderate operating costs
  • Typically used in rackmount applications below 5000 VA


Standby UPS

A standby UPS, or an offline UPS, is the most cost-effective UPS choice. It provides protection against power anomalies and most spikes, although it doesn’t have the abilities to maintain perfect power during minor sags and surges.

The key to offline UPS quality is the range of power the UPS will accept before switching to its battery backup. The wider the power range, the less drain it will have on the battery and therefore the more backup time it will provide when the power shuts off.

This type of UPS technology is best suited to devices under 1500 VA such as small offices, personal home computers, and other less critical devices. It will providee the runtime you will need to save work in progress and complete and orderly shutdown to avoid any work or data being lost.

Why it is right for edge?

  • Clamps down on excess voltage to protect against power spikes
  • Helps ensure continuity during more than 90% of outages
  • Built-in battery and inverter to convert DC power to AC
  • Good option for those requiring lower power capacity and cost


Lithium-ion Batteries

Now you know the types of UPS configurations, it’s important to also know about the batteries!

Currently available are UPS systems with traditional VRLA lead-acid batteries or UPS systems with new lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries are often pushed aside due to the new technology seeming unpredictable, but they provide many advantages to UPS systems! They can provide twice the life expectancy of VRLA batteries, require fewer replacements, can withstand higher temperatures, and have quick recharge cycles. All of these benefits are ideal for protecting your critical infrastructure, and that’s only the beginning!

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Whilst you will need to invest more into a lithium-ion UPS initially, this beginning cost quickly offsets itself throughout the life cycle of the UPS. When you take into account the money you save on battery replacements and money saved on labour, the total cost of ownership is actually reduced by 50%!

Longer Life and Runtime
With a life expectancy of 8-10 years, lithium-ion batteries can last up to 4 times longer than VRLA systems. Additionally, they take less than 4 hours to recharge when needed.

Heat Resiliency
There are many environments that a UPS may be placed in that will have higher than average temperatures. Even within traditional office or data centre environments, the temperature surrounding multiple devices can heat up very quickly. Lithium-ion based UPS systems can withstand higher temperatures without facing any repercussions, helping you save on air conditioning and problems with you device.

In comparison to VRLA batteries, lithium-ion batteries are between 40-60% lighter and 40% smaller. This makes installation and maintenance significantly easier and more flexible.

So what UPS is right?

Now you know the different UPS options available to you it will be easier for you to find your perfect UPS! Using this helpful guide as a starting point, you can search through our Vertiv UPS systems to see which one will benefit you most!

Here’s a quick peak into the Vertiv UPS series available at Comms Express:

Vertiv UPS Solutions

Vertiv Liebert® EXS UPS

Vertiv Liebert® EXS UPS
This on-line integrated UPS allows quick and easy access to power vital systems. Standard configurations and optimised with a compact footprint offer reliable and economical power solutions.


  • Integrated solution supports faster deployments
  • Compact, high power density design offers a small footprint
  • Flexible UPS, power distribution and battery arrangements to meet capacity and runtime demands
  • Efficient operation saves energy
  • High power factor delivers more usable power
  • Easy to install
  • Integrated maintenance by-pass option ensures greater availability
  • Intelligent monitoring and management offers improved visibility and control

Buy Vertiv Liebert® EXS UPS


Vertiv Liebert ITA2 UPS

Vertiv Liebert ITA2 UPS
This space-saving UPS design can be installed in a rack or on the floor. With scalable battery run time, optional maintenance bypass cabinet, and output distribution pods, this reliable, energy-efficient power solution is flexible and always available when needed.


  • Flexible placement. Use inside a rack or in a tower configuration
  • Compact, high power density
  • Easy to install and manage
  • High power factor maximizes the usable power
  • Operates efficiently to save energy
  • Optimized maintenance bypass maintains power, even during servicing (optional)
  • Extended battery runtimes (optional)
  • Flexible, easy to configure power distribution

Buy Vertiv Liebert ITA2 UPS


Vertiv Liebert® GXT5 UPS

Vertiv Liebert® GXT5 UPS
The Vertiv GXT5 is an online double conversion UPS solution with double premium power outage protection and continuous power conditioning. It is ideal for critical infrastructure, operating at high power efficiency.


  • Designed for high availability
  • User friendly operation and installation
  • Longer lifetime and run-time of the batteries
  • Optimized energy and capacity management
  • Seamless connectivity

Buy Vertiv Liebert® GXT5 UPS


Vertiv Edge single phase UPS

Vertiv Edge single phase UPS
The Edge UPS family are line interactive sinewave UPS models that are highly reliable, efficient, manageable, and flexible.


  • High output PF=0.9
  • High efficiency, up to 98% in line mode
  • Colour graphic LCD display
  • “Green mode” operation
  • Advanced AVR protection with 2x boost and 1x buck tap
  • Remote connectivity via a network interface or serial connection
  • Input breaker device for additional protection

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Vertiv™ Edge Lithium-Ion UPS

High-Performance Line-Interactive Power Protection for Servers and Networking Equipment

Vertiv™ Edge Lithium-Ion UPS  
Protect your business-critical applications with both power conditioning and battery backup available with the Vertiv Edge Lithium-Ion Interactive UPS range.


  • A standard 5-year warranty provides peace of mind your investment is protected against potentially costly equipment failures.
  • Achieve the lowest total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the UPS with fewer battery replacements and up to 10 years of useable life with Lithium Ion batteries.
  • Hot-swappable user replaceable batteries increase the useable life of the UPS by allowing you to easily replace the batteries without disrupting power to connected equipment.
  • Internal batteries offer industry-leading runtime (up to 10 minutes at full load) to protect critical equipment during an unexpected power loss.
  • Lithium Ion battery technology degrades slower in high-temperature environments, supports up to 10 times more discharge cycles, and delivers faster recharge times compared to VRLA batteries.

Explore our range of Vertiv Edge Lithium-Ion UPS


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