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During these winter months the risk of blackouts is higher than ever, putting your business at risk.

The power outages caused by blackouts can last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. This could leave hours of idle time where employees cannot continue their work, data being corrupted, or files lost before they had a chance to be saved.

This can have a very significant impact on the business, with ITIC 2021 Global Server Hardware, Server OS Reliability Report stating that even a single hour of server downtime can cost businesses more than €300,000.

With energy demands rising, atmospheric phenomena, and less stable renewable energy sources being used, all key factors for potential blackouts, you may feel like these problems are inevitable, but there is still hope!

Eaton has a range of uninterruptible power supplies (USP) that will keep your business running despite the odds. For the peace of mind that your business is protected, and the reliability that comes with their UPS lines, this is an invaluable investment for any business.

With a UPS in your arsenal, you will be able to continue business as usual even in a blackout. Electrical equipment will continue to run, devices will remain connected to the network, and your employees can continue working. By switching from the mains supply to batteries, the UPS can ensure businesses are always supplied with the high-quality, reliable backup power they need to thrive.

Whilst Eaton have many impressive lines of UPS products on offer, there are two that we think will be great UPS choices to get you started!

Let’s introduce you to our Top 2 Eaton UPS systems!

Eaton 5PX Gen2 UPS

Exceptional efficiency, manageability and energy metering capabilities for IT managers

This best-in-class line-interactive power protection offers powerful tools for remote monitoring, IT architecture integration, and the ability to remmotely deploy and maintain a large base of UPSs.


  • Runtime: Increased standard runtime by at least 25% on 1.5 and 2 kVA models compared to the original 5PX UPS
  • Stay connected, securely: Reduce risk of intrusion with the optional Gigabit Network Card (NETWORK-M2), which is the first UPS connectivity device to meet both UL and IEC cybersecurity standards
  • Enhanced surge protection: The 5PX G2 provides enhanced surge protection keeping your branch offices and IT closets equipment safe
  • Enhanced power density: Thanks to power factor 1 (W=VA) performance, the 5PX Gen2 provides 11% more power in the same rack space as 5PX Gen1
  • Energy Star 2.0 certified: Best-in-class efficiency performance to reduce energy consumption and cooling costs
  • Reduce risk of intrusion: With the optional Gigabit Network Card (NETWORK-M2), which is the first UPS connectivity device to meet both UL and IEC cybersecurity standards
  • Runtime: Increased standard runtime by at least 25% on 1.5 and 2 kVA models compared to the original 5PX UPS Stay connected, securely.

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Eaton 9PX UPS

Energy efficient power protection

The perfect UPS for businesses that are concerned with the cost of energy, the 9PX provides double conversion protection with 40% less energy usage. Ideal for small & medium datacentres, IT rooms, and infrastructure.


  • New graphical LCD display: Clear information on the UPS’s status and measurements on a single screen which tilts 45° for ease-of-viewing
  • Metering energy consumption: kWh values can be monitored using the LCD or our own Intelligent Power® Software
  • Availability and flexibility: The internal bypass allows service continuity in case of internal fault, a maintenance bypass is also available for easy replacement of the UPS without powering down critical systems
  • Paralleling functionality: Achieve twice the power of unitary products using HotSync technology
  • Load segment control: Enables prioritised shutdowns of nonessential equipment to maximise battery runtime for critical devices (5 and 6kVA 1:1 UPS)
  • Serial, USB and relay connectivity: Plus an extra slot for an optional communication card
  • Intelligent Power® Software: Compatible with all major OS including virtualisation software such as VMware and Hyper-V is included with each UPS
  • Eaton ABM® battery management: Technology for longer battery life
  • 12 external hot-swappable battery modules: Add more runtime and be able to run systems for hours if necessary

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Eaton Cyber Secured Monitoring

Support your UPS with Eaton’s Cyber Secured Monitoring, a cloud-based analytics solution that turns a reactive model into a proactive model. This service allows for remote monitoring, health reports, and early anomaly detection to mitigate the downtime risk to critical components.

Maintain business continuity through:

  • UPS remote monitoring portal: Reduced MTTR and increased first time fix rate minimise the risk of power interruptions.
  • Alarms Management System: Ensure reliable performance by addressing early signs of degradation.
  • Comprehensive monthly Health report: Proactive maintenance investment optimisation to execute only the tasks needed.

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Eaton Intelligent Power Management (IPM)

Take your disaster recovery plan one step further with Eaton’s Intelligent Power Management. Remotely monitor, manage, and control your power equipment to ensure mission-critical equipment stays running even during a power outage.

Maintain business continuity through:

  • Intelligent load shedding: Suspend non-critical virtual machines to increase system uptime.
  • Site Recovery Manager failover: Synching primary and disaster recovery sites prior to failures to reduce recovery expenses.
  • Power capping on demand: Limit server power consumption to keep critical workloads running longer.

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This is just a brief look at the Eaton Range, if you require more Eaton equipment for your business, you can check our Eaton microsite for a wide range of Netgear products to suit your needs.


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