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Discover how you can reduce the complexity of IT power infrastructure deployments with the new Vertiv™ Geist™ Universal Rack PDU and Facility Side Cable.

When something doesn’t fit quite right, we might say it’s like fitting a square peg into a round hole. Anyone who has travelled to another country with a hairdryer knows the feeling – without a power adapter, the plug on the dryer likely won’t fit into the plug on the wall.

This is an even bigger problem when we talk about power infrastructures for datacentres. Every country in the world has a different power configuration for racks. Each power configuration has its own SKU, meaning IT integrators have to manage more inventory and change orders for global projects. Further compounding the problem is the fact that there are different outlet types around the world.

In Europe, integrators will likely use three-phase power (Y) in a rack, whereas datacentres in the U.S., Latin America, and Asia more frequently use a four-wire (Delta) system. This means an integrator with a global footprint would need to have multiple rack configurations. If a SKU was built for North America, it can’t be sent to Europe and vice versa.

The question becomes, how can this be simplified and easily managed?

The Vertiv Geist Universal Rack PDU (UPDU) is the most versatile and robust rack power distribution unit on the market. The universal power input mates to any geographically specific Facility Side Cable (FSC), simplifying management and enabling rapid deployments worldwide.

This is a game changer for datacentres. In the past, the only way to solve for the multiple configurations issue was to have one unit with 24 outlets, often leading to overprovisioning in size. Now, Vertiv have a single PDU that can be used globally.

The UPDU simplifies critical IT infrastructure deployments by allowing a single model to be installed around the world. That means reduced inventory, quicker and easier deployments, and fewer headaches for integrators.

Benefits & Features of the Geist UPSUs


  • The Universal Input enables users to utilize a single Universal PDU model with various input power configurations to simplify inventory management and enable rapid deployments worldwide.
  • Increase or decrease Universal PDU power capacity by changing the Facility Side Cable to adapt to fluctuating equipment power needs.
  • Upgradeable models allow users to upgrade the hot-swappable monitoring device on the fly to leverage new technologies and accommodate changing business needs.
  • Remotely reboot outlets to power cycle unresponsive IT equipment or increase runtime of critical equipment upon power failure with outlet-level control on select models.
  • Reliable power distribution with local and remote power monitoring available on select models offer quick access to critical power usage information to evaluate energy usage trends and maximize uptime.
  • Monitor power consumption at the outlet-level on select units for a detailed view of power distributed to specific equipment with the outlet level option.
  • Environmental monitoring capabilities available on select models ensure users have critical infrastructure data at their fingertips.
  • U-Lock receptacles on select models secure power cords and avoid accidental disconnections.
  • Every unit is 100% tested for reliability and functionality to ensure units function as designed.
  • Standard three-year warranty, upgraded to five years with product registration.
  • Save time and money by pre-integrating Vertiv™ Geist™ rPDUs with the VR Rack. Contact your local sales representative to get started.


  • The universal power input can mate to any geographically specific Facility Side Cable and is designed to operate with variable power input configurations (defined by the connected cable).
  • The Pivoting Connector adjusts from 0 to 90 degrees to assist with power cable routing.
  • Global compliance certification includes: UL Certified, CE Marked, China RoHS, RoHS Compliant, and RCM Mark (EMC only).
  • High Temperature Grade 60°C for high temperature environments.
  • Available in vertical and horizontal rackmount form factors.
  • Simple and quick installation in all standard racks or cabinets with included mounting brackets.
  • Simple and convenient configuration options for chassis colours.
  • TAA compliant.


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