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Outstanding product reliability and exceptional service for more than 90 years.

Tripp Lite is a manufacturer of solutions to power, connect, secure and protect equipment for IT environments. From the largest data center to the smallest home office, Tripp Lite products keep your equipment running effectively and efficiently. Outstanding reliability, competitive pricing and exceptional service have been Tripp Lite trademarks for over 95 years.


Tripp Lite Racks/Cabinets

8-Port Gigabit Smart Managed PoE+ ProSAFE Switch with Cloud Management

Tripp Lite Racks Enclosures

Tripp Lite Racks/Cabinets

Rack enclosures, wall-mount racks, open frame racks and accessories provide secure and organise your rak-mounted servers, storage and network / telecom equipment.

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Tripp Lite SmartRacks

SmartRack Series Rack Enclosure cabinets are a cost-effective way to simplify rack equipment installation and maintenance.

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Tripp Lite Euro-Series Rack Enclosuress

The Euro-Series are designed for network wiring closets, retail locations, classrooms, back offices and other areas with essential rack-mounted IT equipment.

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Tripp Lite UPS

Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems

Tripp Lite UPS
A full range of UPS Systems for your home, data centre and Industrial applications. Available in a wide variety of capabilities to protect every size computer application from downtime, damage and data loss due to power problems.

Tripp Lite Desktop UPS

Standby and line interactive UPS Systems, offering protection for desktop computers, network workstations and a wide variety of home and professional electronics.

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Tripp Lite Network/Server UPS

Intelligent, network-grade protection for data centres, server rooms, network closets and a wide variety of professional networking equipment.

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Tripp Lite Data Centre UPS

Tripp Lite UPS battery backup systems provide enough power to outlast most outages and can automatically save files and shut down a computer gracefully during extended blackouts.

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Tripp Lite Medical Grade UPS

Desktop and Network / Server Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems

Tripp Lite Medical Grade UPS
Offering medical-grade UPS protection with built-in line interactive voltage regulation, intelligent monitoring and unattended shutdown capability.

Tripp Lite Medical Grade Desktop UPS


Tripp Lite OMNIX350HG UPS
OmniSmart 350VA Medical Grade Tower Line-Interactive 230V UPS with Serial port

IEC320 plug and outlets, plus built-in isolation transformer with Faraday shield offers full isolation and removes common mode noise. Tested to CE/IEC 60601-1 as medical electrical equipment.

350VA power handling capacity supports computers, inter-networking equipment and other critical loads during commercial power failures. Line interactive voltage regulation corrects brownouts as low as 159V back to normal 230V levels, saving battery reserves for use only during complete power failures.

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Tripp Lite Medical Grade Network / Server UPS

Tripp Lite SMX700HG Medical-Grade UPS
SmartPro Medical Grade .7kVA 230V UPS, full isolation, USB & Serial ports

Tripp Lite SMX1200XLHG UPS
SmartPro Medical Grade 1kVA 230V Line interactive Tower UPS, Extended-run, full isolation, USB & Serial ports

Tripp Lite SMX700HGL Medical-Grade UPS
Line-interactive UPS provides basic battery backup with UL 60601-1 compliance for use in medical facilities, including patient care areas.

Tripp Lite SMX1200XLHGL SmartPro Medical-Grade UPS
Line Interactive, Lithium Battery, 6 Outlets – 230V, 1kVA, 750W, Full Isolation

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Tripp Lite PDUs

Power Distribution Units

Availble in a variety of styles that provide everything from basic power distribution to enhanced power management and maintenance options
Tripp Lite PDUs
Switched PDUs
Tripp Lite Switched PDUs with auto-transfer switching for power redundancy and hot-swap capabilities. Demand for more computing power in less space means rack cabinets are more densely packed than ever. A network PDU unit distributes power supplied to the rack via multiple outlets to the rack cabinet’s servers and networking equipment.

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HotSwap PDUs

Tripp Lite’s Hot-swap PDU systems enable live-replacement of standard UPS systems for maintenance with no interruption of connected server or networking loads. Dual input power cables support PDU connection to separate Utility and UPS power sources.

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ATS (Auto-Transfer Switch) PDUs

Tripp Lite ATS (Auto-Transfer Switch) PDU provides a redundant power option for critical networking equipment.



Basic PDUs

Tripp Lite Basic PDUs provide are a reliable, no-frills power distribution solution for all network applications at an affordable price. Basic PDU models support several different voltages and input currents to cover a wide range of network power needs.

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Metered PDUs

Tripp Lite Metered PDUs feature a built-in load meter for local current monitoring. Load meter displays provide real-time visual data so IT personnel can more efficiently manage power output. With Metered PDUs, you’ll have the confidence to connect more equipment and increase the utilisation of available PDU, UPS and circuit capacity without a reduction in reliability.

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Monitored PDUs

While similar to a metered PDU, a Tripp Lite Monitored PDU goes one step further with its ability to remotely monitor single- or three-phase voltage, frequency, and load levels in real-time via a built-in network connection. Output current consumption is displayed locally via a visual meter to warn of potential overloads before critical input sources become overloaded.

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Tripp Lite Power Accessories

Surge Protectors, Power Strips, USB-C Cables and Docking Stations, Monitor Rises and Workstations

Tripp Lite Power Accessories

Surge Protectors

Guard electrically powered equipment against power surges and spikes, which are temporary and potentially damaging voltage increases along electric wires and cables.

Power Strips

Cover a wide range of applications, including wall-mount power strips for your home or office, industrial power strips for factory floors and warehouses, and even power strips with USB ports, so you can charge your mobile devices at the same time.

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So there you have it! We hope this snapshot of the products available from Tripp Lite will allow you to begin, or improve, your business and carry you onwards to success!



If you require any further information on these or any other products that we stock here at Comms Express, please do not hesitate to contact our team who will be only too happy to help.

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