We are delighted that our friends at APC are offering a wonderful storage solution for those with small office spaces with the NetShelter CX.

Many of us have been in the a sticky position whereby we would love to have the capabilities of a dedicated server room but we cannot afford the space, or indeed we do not want to be in the same room as a huge monstrosity.

IT spaces in small- and medium-sized businesses are often left unmonitored, unorganised, unsecured, and space-constrained. Properly deployed physical IT infrastructure is critical as your company utilises mobility solutions, virtualises servers and adopts cloud applications.

Another huge inconvenience is the noise that some enclosures can emit. This is where the NetShelter CX comes into its own. The CX range is a soundproofed server room in a box which allows for IT deployment wherever and whenever it is needed, saving space, cost and deployment time. So no more pesky monitor alarms going off!

A great USP hey?!

CX enclosures are simple to move, secure, economic, you simply ‘plug-and-play’! You roll it into the open office, put your equipment inside, plug it in and close the doors – easy!

Features Include:

• Reduce your capital costs by avoiding construction-After all, why build a dedicated server room when there is space available within your current environment. Your workforce probably won’t even realise it’s a cabinet for servers!
• Avoid wasting space – use the space for something else.
• Keep your business agile – use a portable IT infrastructure.
• Standardise on one solution for branch offices and remote sites.
• Silence noisy equipment inside a Quiet Enclosure.

It’s truly staggering what a little bit of office space can offer as a storage solution. Here are a few tips as to how you can streamline your setup and save space:

Check out a cabinet with a glass front, this will allow you to be able to monitor at all times and reduce any downtime.

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units protect critical equipment and maintain availability during scheduled and unscheduled power outages. They also protect against power surges potential data loss, which can result in lost revenue.

Respond to changing IT needs and improve efficiency by using scalable systems to rapidly increase or decrease capacity as needed for power management. Being smart here can lower your expenditure.

Think about adding upgrades to pre-installed kit for more cost-effective improvements.

Monitor energy wastage.

Purchase racks and enclosures with pre-installed equipment, ensuring all equipment is pre-tested and thus you time.

If you are limited for space always go for a soundproof option – before it drives your colleagues nuts!

Until next time…