You’ve just spent the last hour frantically working on a huge document.

It’s going great and you’re so proud of yourself!

But then! Lightning strikes!

No really, Lightning has struck and the whole street has a power cut.

And you forgot to save. Great!

But not if you have a UPS.

If you’d had a UPS, your computer would have kept running long enough for you to have saved.

It doesn’t just work with power outages either. If your colleague keeps accidentally kicking the wire out of your computer by accident, or the switch you’re plugged into gets knocked, then a UPS can save your bacon here too.


What Is A UPS?

UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply. A UPS is a massive battery for your computer.

The UPS plugs into the wall, and your computer plugs into the UPS.

The power is passed through the UPS to your computer, but also charges the UPS’s internal battery. So when the power goes out, the battery kicks in, providing enough power for you to get to a point where you can save and shut down.


How To Buy A UPS


Buying a UPS can be a little daunting. There are a lot of numbers to consider.

Most UPSs come in volt-amps measurements. But many will also state watt use too.

Firstly, you’ll need to find out how many Watts of power your computer has. This can vary, depending on the type of computer you have. Make sure you’ve factored in anything else you have plugged into that PC, such as your monitors.

You’ll need to find a UPS that has 50-75% higher wattage than your computer.


Introducing Salicru UPSs

Salicru’s mission is to ensure reliable energy availability. There are 700,000 Salicru products currently protecting companies throughout the world.

Which is why you can trust Salicru.


A Salicru UPS provides backup power should the regular supply fail. It can also alert connected devices to the loss of power and instruct them to power down safely; this helps to prevent the loss of valuable data as well as protecting the hardware itself.

In addition to this, a Salicru UPS can protect your devices in other ways too.

They act as ‘power conditioners’, filtering the electricity supply and ensuring reliable, clean power to guard against:

  • Blackout – Temporary but complete power loss
  • Brownout – A reduction of total power, often occurring during times of increased demand
  • Voltage drop/increase – Varying voltage levels are bad for many electronic devices, not least delicate IT equipment.
  • Line noise – This type of interference can in some cases, dramatically reduce performance and the lifespan of the equipment.


So, What Does This All Mean?

Data, whether it’s personal (e.g. family photos), or business (e.g. financial reports) are often priceless. If IT equipment fails, it can cause data to be corrupt – losing precious memories or months of work.


A Salicru UPS is easy to install, maintain, and use. It will not only safeguard your priceless data, but also protect and prolong the life of your computer.


To find out more about Salicru power protection, or for help choosing the right device for you, contact us on 0800 488 0000.