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Riello’s UPS philosophy is to create reliable power for a sustainable world.

They are consistently searching for innovative new solutions to ensure their products offer both solid critical-load protection and help to protect and sustain the planet.

Riello UPS are a UPS manufacturer that offers efficient power quality and business continuity solutions. They are constantly implementing new ideas and technologies to improve their UPS efficiency and reduce their total power consumption. To do this, they invest a significant portion of their earnings into technologies that harvest clean and renewable energy sources.

Riello UPS’s social commitment combines the inevitable need for energy with environmental protection to create a more sustainable future.

  • Riello UPS strongly support the Code of Conduct on Energy Efficiency and Quality of AC Uninterruptible Power Systems.
  • Riello UPS was the first European Manufacturer to classify its products in terms of ECO efficiency ratings as set out by the code of conduct.
  • Riello UPS products are highly influenced by the use of low environmental impact materials.
  • Riello UPS employs an ISO 14001-certified environmental management system.
  • Riello UPS are focusing heavily on the evolution of the electric grid, particularly with renewable energy sources uses.

Smart Grid Ready UPS

Smart grids are a fundamental part of achieving greater sustainability through the ongoing evolution of electrical power grids.

But what are smart grids?

Smart grids are essentially power grids that integrate and manage the actions and behaviors of all their connected consumers, generators, and output points. The aim of a smart grid is to deliver an economically viable, safe, and secure electrical system.

Smart grids enable different energy sources to integrate, encouraging two-way flows of electricity and information. With a smart grid, a UPS becomes a virtual power plant, with its batteries being able to harness renewable energy to be stored and eventually fed back into the grid.

For a UPS to be ‘smart grid ready’ it must be able to deliver incredibly high-efficiency levels and be able to select the most efficient operating methods based on real-time grid events. Riello UPS has invested heavily to develop several smart grid-ready products, like the Sentryum UPS range!

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Eco Energy Levels

To reduce the strain on critical power supplies and minimize environmental effects, equipment needs to operate at the highest levels of efficiency. Riello UPS’s UPS models have always been compliant with the highest levels of efficiency, always meeting the ECO energy levels set out by the European Code of Conduct.

Riello UPS implemented a 6-level ECO Energy level system to help their customers identify the most efficient products. The most efficient UPS models deliver energy savings that quickly offset the initial cost of the UPS, as well as reduce harmful carbon emissions.

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Riello UPS Sentryum UPS

24 Port Gigabit Switch

Riello UPS Sentryum UPS
Riello UPS’s Sentryum UPS range is not only smart grid ready, but alos offers the best combination of power avialability, energy efficiency, and global performance to save you money! With a choice of three different cabinet sizes, this flexible power solution is ideal for data centers of any size.


  • Delivers unity power factor
  • Efficiency levels up to 96.6%
  • High power avialability
  • Smart battery management
  • Maximum reliability
  • Flexibility of use
  • Graphic touch screen display.

Buy Riello UPS Sentryum UPS


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